Monthly Mileage: November 2018

I didn't run fast this fall BUT I did have fun. Shoutout to my friend Mike who went on to run 2:53! If asked over the summer, I would’ve told you November would be a recovery month after I ran the Monumental Marathon. Well, I didn’t run the marathon but I did get the recovery... Continue Reading →

Race Report: Harrod’s Creek Trail Bash 10k

When I decided to forego trying to muscle my way through a fall marathon, part of the decision was that I was way more excited about a couple of upcoming trail races than I was a road marathon. To be honest, that’s nothing new — I love trail races. And when I thought back on... Continue Reading →

The fall season that wasn’t

Honestly this face sums it up.  “Have you ever felt frustrated with running?” I laughed. The writer interviewing me for a local publication was surprised when I answered a resounding “yes.” “Let me introduce you to the fall of 2018,” I said. This is the season that wasn’t. It’s nothing tragic, I’m not heartbroken, and... Continue Reading →

Recovery Arsenal

Recovering is as important to our training as the running itself — but we so often convince ourselves that the best thing we can do is more work. But really, the gains are made while you’re resting, not running. You run, you recover, you come back better. Neglect the middle step and you can’t keep... Continue Reading →

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