IMG_8624‘Tis the season for the #longrunlunchbox! I’m not the only person who does this, right? I throw in my water bottle, a bottle of Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz, my shaker with Hammer Nutrition Recoverite powder (doesn’t need to be in there but fits and keeps all the nutrition together), and couple ice packs.

Here’s the real #protip though: throw your anti-chafe balm in there so it doesn’t melt, along with your sunscreen — exposure excessive heat makes your SPF less effective. You are wearing sunscreen, right?

On my long runs, I usually refill my handheld with some of the Fizz mid-run then drink the rest after. And the lunchbox means I’ve got icy cold water for my Recoverite! (Have you ever made chocolate Recoverite with warm water? 🤢)


Anybody else take a cooler for your long runs? What goes in it?