Weekly Recap 12/4/16

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since the Monumental Marathon already. I still find it hard to believe that I ran 2:57, and I have to check the results now and… Continue reading

2016 Gift Guide for Runners!

Working on your own wishlist or searching for a great gift for the runner in your life? I put together a few recommendations for this year! Marathoner sweatshirt by Sarah Marie Design Studio —… Continue reading

November Mileage

Mileage doesn’t matter when you’ve just crushed your goal time and PR’d by 10 minutes. All the big mileage months before paid off and November was time to recuperate, rebuild, rejuvenate. Starting to… Continue reading

Salty Running: So Many Metrics for Runners!

This morning, 57.7 percent of me was water. My resting heart rate was 57. And I averaged 184 steps per minute on my run. Fitness tracking and wearables are a huge market, and… Continue reading

Weekly recap 11/27

A solid week with more running than I was supposed to do AND a race win! Monday: Got up and did some Jasyoga in the morning; my plan was to run after work… Continue reading

Race Report: Anchorage Turkey Trot

This is the third year I’ve run the Anchorage Turkey Trot, which is a small and low-key affair. I like the course and the atmosphere, and the price, and it’s totally fine that… Continue reading

Product Review: Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged

Product name: Fully Charged Manufacturer: Hammer Nutrition Purpose: Fully Charged is a new product from Hammer that came out this fall. It is a “pre-exercise igniter” that helps increase energy, endurance, mental alertness… Continue reading

Book Review: “Marathon Man”

Title: “Marathon Man” Author: Bill Rodgers (and Matthew Sheraton) Published: 2013 What’s this book about? Bill Rodgers tells how he became the top marathoner in the world. He went to college with Amby… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 11/20

Recovery week 2 post-Monumental Marathon. Last week I was still riding a bit of an emotional high from the race, but it faded this week and I probably got the rest I actually… Continue reading

Louisville Turkey Trots 2016

Iroquois Hill Runner 5 miler, 9 a.m. Thursday, 11/24/16 Northeast YMCA Turkey Trot 5k/10k, 8 a.m. Thursday, 11/24/16 Louisville Hungry Turkey 5k, 9 a.m., Thursday, 11/24/16 Fast Freddie’s Festive Five Mile Foot Feast, 9… Continue reading