Recovery Arsenal

Recovering is as important to our training as the running itself — but we so often convince ourselves that the best thing we can do is more work. But really, the gains are made while you’re resting, not running. You run, you recover, you come back better. Neglect the middle step and you can’t keep... Continue Reading →

CTM Band combines multiple recovery techniques

As runners, maybe we just can’t help but be uncomfortable. After all, racing is an exercise is being uncomfortable. So when my sports chiropractor came out with a new myofascial release tool … I was in. I went by his office, Kentucky Sports Chiropractic, for a demonstration and explanation of this new torture device, which... Continue Reading →

2016 Gift Guide for Runners!

Working on your own wishlist or searching for a great gift for the runner in your life? I put together a few recommendations for this year! Marathoner sweatshirt by Sarah Marie Design Studio — I love this company so much! When I bought my first shirt in early 2016 — the elite marathoner names shirt —... Continue Reading →

Product Review: Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged

Product name: Fully Charged Manufacturer: Hammer Nutrition Purpose: Fully Charged is a new product from Hammer that came out this fall. It is a “pre-exercise igniter” that helps increase energy, endurance, mental alertness and focus, while reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. AKA magic. (But actually science.) Fully Charged is different than other pre-exercise formulas on the... Continue Reading →

SMDS: The Varsity Jacket

As you may recall, I have the honor of being one of the first brand ambassadors for Sarah Marie Design Studio. This is more than just a nice perk, though — I love that Sarah is a female entrepreneur who had a cool idea and went for it. And the ambassador program isn't just about... Continue Reading →

Product of the Month: Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

Each month I'll be spotlighting a product that I rely on for my training and racing ... and sometimes even life in general. I'm kicking this series off with my favorite product: Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite. Recoverite helps restore your muscle glycogen, rebuild muscle tissue and reduce soreness. Athletic performance improvement depends on a program of exercise... Continue Reading →

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