img_8430As you may recall, I have the honor of being one of the first brand ambassadors for Sarah Marie Design Studio. This is more than just a nice perk, though — I love that Sarah is a female entrepreneur who had a cool idea and went for it. And the ambassador program isn’t just about posting about her products (although we all do, because we love them) … she is also using us as a focus group to test ideas and get feedback.

So last week we received an email (by the way, being on an email thread with people like Adrianne Haslet and Ashley Higginson? Surreal!) about Sarah’s latest project: a varsity jacket.

Sarah took the iconic letterman jacket — remember those? — and is bringing it to the running community as a warm, comfortable fleece jacket! Seriously, I wore it the entire weekend because it was so cozy. It also got me carded at a restaurant, so prepare to look 10 years younger!

the_varsity_jacket-web_6f76f299-e29c-4871-a6b2-babfd0dbc708Here’s the really cool thing though — she’s also creating custom patches that you can add to the jacket to celebrate your achievements!

There will be chevrons for personal bests, unique patches for major marathons, and more. It’s up to you to fill the sleeves, back, front, everywhere! with your collection.

I was proud of my varsity jacket in high school, even though it wasn’t a huge part of our school culture, I thought it was a cool tradition … plus I like earning/winning things. I had my name on the back, plus patches for the sports I played (soccer, track) and even some patches for being on the academic team (uber dork and proud Mensa member).

Head over to the SMDS website and get your Varsity Jacket now! SAVE 15% through Sunday night — use code VARSITYTEAM! And be sure to use #smdsvarsity on social media so we can see. 🙂

What do you think of the varsity jacket idea?