Carmel Marathon 2016 Race Report

Okay, first, I have to apologize for doing a terrible job blogging over the past month. Here’s what happened: I wrote 90% of the post for the week I was hurt, but when I got to the weekend — when I had to miss the last race of the Triple Crown — I didn’t want... Continue Reading →

Weekly recap March 13 – 2016 PR #3

This spring season is flying by! Only 5 weeks until Carmel Marathon. Of course, that means I’m right in the heart of the marathon grind. The first four to six weeks of a training cycle are easy, and the last two are usually tapering … but in between is the hard part. Because of my... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap Feb. 28

Less mileage this week as we head into a somewhat intense race season. This Saturday was the Anthem 5k, which kicks off a three-race series in Louisville, each distance two weeks apart and increasing in length. Monday was an easy 6, early and easy in the dark. Coach had scheduled 6-8 but I didn’t have... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: Feb. 7

It has been such a crazy week that it’s Monday night and I’m just writing this recap. Yikes. So Saturday was 10 weeks out from Carmel — hard to believe it’s already that soon. I think those weeks are just going to fly by. This really was an intense week. I co-taught my first two... Continue Reading →

Race Review: Monumental Marathon

Yesterday I posted a pretty detailed race report focused on how my race went, but I wanted to share a review of the race itself for anyone who might be considering adding the Monumental Marathon to their to-do list. Please take this review with a grain of salt — I am what I suppose would be considered a... Continue Reading →

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