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Summer Running, Happened So Fast

Published in The Running Journal, September 2016 (e-edition here). When you live in this part of the country, summer is for short racing because it’s generally too miserable for much else. This summer, I… Continue reading

Being Organized Reduces Stress

Column published in The Running Journal, August 2016 (e-edition here).

Not a Perfect Race, But a PR Is Good

This column was published in the Running Journal, June 2016 (e-edition here). Six years ago, I ran a marathon PR. I ran six marathon in 3.5 years, including Boston twice, and I was… Continue reading

‘Possums and port-a-johns: behind-the-scenes with a race director

When 17,000 runners and walkers crossed the starting line for the Kentucky Derby Festival marathon and miniMarathon April 30, Deja Lawson wasn’t amongst them — but she wasn’t just standing on the sidelines,… Continue reading

2016 Triple Crown Race Recap

Racing, truly racing, comes at a cost. It’s both physically and mentally taxing. It takes courage, willpower, focus. Your legs work harder, your lungs work harder, your heart works harder. All systems operating… Continue reading

Gear review: Nathan LightSpur & Black Diamond Spot

While I love the cooler temperatures that come with fall, I’m not a fan of the shorter amounts of daylight. It’s not even the change from DST — I don’t really care which… Continue reading

My Marathon Story

My first experience with a marathon was Boston. I was a college freshman in the city, and mostly what I remember is being excited that we had Monday off. As I write this,… Continue reading

Runners’ rocky relationship with the sun

I have a lot of memories of running as a child growing up on our 92-acre farm in Little Mount, Kentucky. Dashing up the gravel drive to my grandparent’s house. Scampering along paths… Continue reading

Heady heads to race #3 of Ultrarunning Grand Slam

For some, running the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run would be a life accomplishment — a very big check on that bucket list. But for Cynthia Heady, this year’s WS100 was just the… Continue reading

Knabel shows no signs of slowing down

For master’s runners, the reality is that you’ll reach a day where you will only get slower. That is, unless you’re my friend and Team New Balance Louisville teammate Shannon Knabel. Shannon was… Continue reading