‘Optimal Training, Tug of War, & the 3-Point Shot’

I love sharing the blog posts that my coach writes! He always has great insight, which is probably good, since that's his job. Almost always, I feel like he's writing directly to me! How much training do I need to reach my potential is one of the most fundamental questions that come to the mind... Continue Reading →

Overdress for Success: Heat Adaptation for Your Spring Race

Spring weather is as erratic as Poppy’s two-year-old’s mood, yet that doesn’t stop us from signing up for races during months that aren’t sure if they’re happy (45° and cloudy), sad (35° and rainy), or having a meltdown (75° and sunny). When you race in the late spring, you’re not heat-adapted like you might be... Continue Reading →

Social Media Schadenfreude – Salty Running

A piece in which I admit to doing something I'm at least a little bit ashamed of. Spill the beans — have you done this, too? Pump n' Chic, episode 1: In which Chicory asks Pumpkin why other people’s social media posts about their crazy training shenanigans bother her. DEAR PUMPKIN, Lately I’ve found myself doing something that I’m... Continue Reading →

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