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‘Optimal Training, Tug of War, & the 3-Point Shot’

I love sharing the blog posts that my coach writes! He always has great insight, which is probably good, since that’s his job. Almost always, I feel like he’s writing directly to me!… Continue reading

Overdress for Success: Heat Adaptation for Your Spring Race

Spring weather is as erratic as Poppy’s two-year-old’s mood, yet that doesn’t stop us from signing up for races during months that aren’t sure if they’re happy (45° and cloudy), sad (35° and… Continue reading

Social Media Schadenfreude – Salty Running

A piece in which I admit to doing something I’m at least a little bit ashamed of. Spill the beans — have you done this, too? Pump n’ Chic, episode 1: In which Chicory asks Pumpkin why… Continue reading

#Showusyourshoes Supporting Runner Struck by Car

We’ve all had those close calls while running, when you cross an intersection thinking you have the right of way. Or you think the driver saw you, but they didn’t. That’s what happened to… Continue reading

Use Your Foam Roller to Work Your Core!

Ah, the humble foam roller. It can soothe tight calves and hamstrings, of course, but it is capable of so much more. Your foam roller is just waiting for your core to give… Continue reading

Women Runtrepreneurs: Sarah of Sarah Marie Design Studio

A little more than a year ago I came across an Instagram post of a shirt I had to have. I tracked it down, placed an order, and received personalized service from the designer,… Continue reading

Why Runners Should Consider Drinking Kombucha | Salty Running

Namaste, dear Reader. I am writing to you from the comfort of my organic, free-range and shade-grown yoga mat, wearing my cruelty-free bamboo clothing, having just dabbed essential oils on my blocked chakras as I sip… Continue reading

Raynaud’s and Running | Salty Running

It’s 45°F outside and I’m ready to run, dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and … mittens? I can happily run into the mid-30s in shorts, but my hands need coverage if it’s cooler… Continue reading

KY-USATF Awards – Cynthia Heady top female MUT winner!

The USATF Kentucky chapter presented it’s annual runner of the year awards on January 7 in Lexington. I was excited to see my friend, sister-hero and inspiration Cynthia Heady win the women’s Mountain… Continue reading

Salty Running – Traci Falbo: From Couch to World Record

One of the country’s top ultra runners walks through the parking lot of a Panera Bread in Louisville, Kentucky on a Thursday afternoon. She has a faded tattoo around one ankle, sunbleached hair,… Continue reading