Is that a pun headline? You bet your ass it is.

You guys are used to me posting about running and Pilates on here, but I’m going to open the door a tad and share some of my favorite organizational tidbits. You might’ve guessed this is a passion from articles like my Life Hacks for Running piece, but I still kept that largely tied to running. If you, like me, like have complete control over all things at all times — and if, like me, you really like a routine … this is really hard. Also, I need distractions. So, I’m going to bring to you a series of posts about my organizational strategies and my favorite tools.

I’ll update this post with links to the individual posts … in the meantime, check out that Life Hacks story. And if there’s a topic you think I should tackle, leave me a comment!

OrGREENized Series: