’11 Fitness Pros on How to Not be an A-Hole at the Gym’

I talked to InsideHook about gym etiquette from the perspective of a runner and Pilates instructor. Did we miss any tips? What's your gym pet peeve? Read the story here. 

Teaser Tuesday – Week 4

This week I'm demoing Teaser III, where you move your upper and lower body simultaneously. This exercise is a culmination of all the facets of Pilates. Find it on YouTube! You can find weeks 1-3 on my YouTube page or in this post from last week.

Pilates Teaser Video Series!

The Pilates teaser is one of my favorite moves, because it really puts all the pieces together into one beautiful exercise. It targets all your powerhouse muscles, including your abdominals, spinal extensors, and hip flexors. It is a challenging move, and there are three variations of Teaser — moving just your arms (teaser I), moving... Continue Reading →

Functional Core for Runners

I created this functional core workout for a New Balance Louisville workshop series. It takes Pilates principles and movements and brings them into a routine that will make you a better, stronger runner! Watch the video demo here — sorry, not the world's best video! You can also view my presentation notes here.

Pilates Pose of the Week: Teaser

Teaser is one of the most quintessential Pilates exercises in my opinion. This one of the poses people immediately think of when they think of the method. It really tests the control of your powerhouse and is a great way to gauge your progress. It is a challenging exercise, but don't worry — there are... Continue Reading →

Pilates Pose of the Week: The Hundred

It's only appropriate to start this weekly series with the first exercise in the traditional mat sequence: the Hundred. This exercise is focused on breathing and prepares the body for the exercises that follow. While this is considered a warm-up exercise for the mat sequence, for beginners this can be a challenging exercise in itself. This is... Continue Reading →

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