Social Media Schadenfreude – Salty Running

A piece in which I admit to doing something I’m at least a little bit ashamed of. Spill the beans — have you done this, too?

Pump n’ Chic, episode 1: In which Chicory asks Pumpkin why other people’s social media posts about their crazy training shenanigans bother her.


Lately I’ve found myself doing something that I’m a little embarrassed to admit. There are runners on Instagram that I started following for positive reasons, but then later realize I’m only following them because it’s like watching a car crash.

Read the rest here.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Schadenfreude – Salty Running

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  1. I read the post on Salty, but I am commenting here instead. I can relate to this. There are so many people whose “easy” runs are marathon pace. And who continuously do more than what their plan calls for. When I first started following instagram runners, I thought to myself “wow- everyone runs their easy runs so fast” and sometimes I think they may be lying about the effort level. But to each his (or her) own.

    1. I think a lot of us can agree (especially if you were self-coached and then hired a coach) that most people run their easy runs too fast! But yeah … those people. I think a lot of it is not that I think what they’re doing is wrong — but that I want to believe what I’m doing is right! When other people are doing completely different things (and succeeding), it makes me question my own training. Which is completely wrong and irrational. 🙂

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