Hysterically accurate post-race photo from last weekend.

This was the second in-between week of the three-race series I’m doing — three races, each 2 weeks apart. However, the races get progressively longer. It has made my weekly mileage interesting — Coach typically has me do a bit of an alternating cycle, but not usually quite this extreme.

So, since the week before the first race, my mileage has been: 65, 50, 70, 54, 65; the down weeks were the previous two races.

This week was, not surprisingly, pretty blah. Not a lot of pop post-race, but still a decent amount of mileage.

Monday: 8 miles easy after work, calves and achilles really sore. Too much low-offset shoe wearing. Bought another pair to rotate that night. (64 min / 145 AHR)

Channeling my inner Jenny Simpson.

Tuesday: Jasyoga calf reset in the morning. 11 miles with 4x 3-2-1 minutes hard with 2 minute recovery, right around 5k pace for the efforts and about 4 miles total of work. 20 minutes of foam rolling and stretching after. (82 min / 152 AHR)

Wednesday: Jasyoga hamstring reset while I was at work. Easy 8 miles after work (66 min / 140 AHR), then taught Pilates. It was my foam roller class, which is about 25% standing work, 50% core work on the foam roller (like this), and 25% guided foam rolling.

Thursday: Early morning treadmill session before the longest day EVER. Continuous hills workout. Paying for my good Tuesday workout. I really like doing this workout outside and I have a great hill loop, but it was cold, dark, and windy (I think the windchill was back in the mid-20s, no thanks). My hills were intervals of 1-3 minutes at 4-6%, 7.5-8 mph. 10 miles total (81 min / 144 AHR). I keep the recovery time interval equal or shorter than the hill interval when I do this on the treadmill. I do it this way because my normal loop is about 2:30 per side, and this is a close approximation without being too boring.

Then I went to work, then came back to the gym to teach Pilates, then back downtown (even parked at my office) to see Neil deGrasse Tyson, then picked up dinner, then started the WVU game on DVR at 11 p.m. Bed at 1 a.m.

Porch yoga FTW.

Friday: Hahahah I thought it would be a great idea to leave my car at the gym when C picked me up for the show and just run to it in the morning. Hahahahaha when my alarm went off 5 hours later I was like, who’s stupid idea was this? But no choice but to go do it! 6 miles easy (50 min / 155 AHR).

Jasyoga that evening on my deck — tried the new High Mileage Reset and I definitely recommend!

Saturday: Started later in the morning but apparently it’s spring now and I shouldn’t do that. It was 58 or so when I started but close to 70 at the end. 16 total (2:05 / 146 AHR), water at 5 and 10, gel at 10 for the electrolytes. Walk .75 back because I didn’t want to run extra. Jasyoga back reset after I did 4 hours of landscaping.

Sunday: 6 easy with my bestie, started slow but got progressively faster. Grateful for the company! (49 min / 131 AHR)

Totals: 65 miles run, 2.5 miles walked, 175 minutes of Pilates and Jasyoga.