Monthly Mileage: February 2019

Wow, February, there you went. SO SHORT. My total mileage wasn’t super high this month because a) there weren’t that many days and b) I raced twice and we backed mileage down for both. I also traveled the last week of February which forced me to take an off day and then I caught a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 4/2/17 + PJ10 Race Report

After a week where I basically felt like junk every day, a decent race! Monday: 8 easy miles early (66 min / 132 AHR), pretty sure the HR was messed up the entire run. Not a lot of sleep, dark, blah. Massage that afternoon. Tuesday: 10 miles total (73 min / 153 AHR), with 2x2... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/27/17

This was the second in-between week of the three-race series I’m doing — three races, each 2 weeks apart. However, the races get progressively longer. It has made my weekly mileage interesting — Coach typically has me do a bit of an alternating cycle, but not usually quite this extreme. So, since the week before... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/19/17

Another week, another race. This Triple Crown series kicks my butt every year, although to be fair I’ve never hit 70 mile weeks in the in-between weeks. One more race to go! Monday: Started the day with the Jasyoga Running Efficiency Boost in the morning as part of my Extra Salt goal to include an... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/5/17

It was moving week for us, closing on both properties (buying and selling) Wednesday morning. Everything was smooth sailing until we got to the new house and found 2 inches of water in the basement. Storms had come through and the sump pump failed (and the sellers had already moved out) and that was that.... Continue Reading →

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