Window seat.

It was moving week for us, closing on both properties (buying and selling) Wednesday morning. Everything was smooth sailing until we got to the new house and found 2 inches of water in the basement. Storms had come through and the sump pump failed (and the sellers had already moved out) and that was that. So it’s all going to be fine, but we can’t use the basement for probably another week or so, which means we have stuff everywhere. Also, unpacking might be worse than packing.

Needless to say it was a long week. Fortunately it was a scheduled down week … because I had a race this week. Oy.

Monday: 8 miles, 60 minutes, AHR 144. Ran from the gym to our new house for the walk-through. It’s about 4 miles, so I added on part of my normal loop at the beginning. There are sidewalks the whole way but it’s a lot of main roads so efficient more than enjoyable. Did Jasyoga later.

Tuesday: 10 miles, 70 minutes, AHR 158. Gears progression run with 3 MP, 2 HMP, 1 at 10k-ish pace. I went out a little fast and the last mile was a little slow, but the wind also picked up and was gusting 30mph by the end. Went better than I expected. Jasyoga after.

Wednesday: 6 miles, 48 minutes, AHR 143. Morning treadmill run before closing. Was going to teach Pilates that night but called in for a sub while we were dealing with the basement.

Thursday: 7 miles, 53 minutes, AHR 152. Treadmill after teaching my class. Little pre-race workout with one mile at goal race pace and then 6×30 second pickups. No HR strap (used optical sensor instead), no headphones, no body glide. Rough evening.

Friday: 3.5 miles, 27 minutes, AHR 147. Morning jaunt from the new house. Was supposed to do 4-6 but was waiting on the plumber to come and got cut short when he was earlier than I expected. Hoped to run a few more miles later in the day but no dice.

Post-race mixed feelings.

Saturday: 10.75 miles total. Race day. My normal racing shorts were dirty (dryer circuit currently being used by the equipment drying the basement), couldn’t find half my stuff.

Got in a 2.5 mile warm up and felt pretty good. I wasn’t feeling really pumped for this race — but I say that before every 5k. It was 30 degrees but with a little bit of wind.

My goal was to run under 6 minute pace, and to run strong and compete. I went out in 5:48 which was a little quick but I was feeling good. It’s a big race — 6,400 or so — so it was easy to get pulled out a little quick. I was running close to a girl I know, and who usually beats me but not by much, so I decided to try and stay with her. Then she passed another girl we know and I made that move, too. Mile 2 was 5:57, and I could see the other girl struggling. We exchanged a couple of words and I kept pressing.

Mile 3 … wasn’t. There was an error in the route and we all went up a block too soon and the race was over officially at 2.93. I had 2.97 on my watch. My last .97 was 5:55 average. Overall Garmin pace would be about an 18:16 if I had maintained; by their calculation (which seems short by everyone’s watch, but tangents and whatnot), more like 18:36.

Imagine my surprise when I crossed the line in 17:32! I was really excited but it was quickly apparent everyone had it considerably short. If it had just been me, well, not the first time my Garmin decided to take a break.

Regardless, I beat at least four girls who normally (and by that I mean always) beat me. One might’ve gotten me if the race had been the right distance, but I didn’t feel totally maxed nor does my HR say I was, so I know I would’ve tried to hold her off!

I headed out for a 5 mile cool down with the women’s winner, Rosie.

Later in the day, the race officials posted about what had happened. A lot of people are mad, which I guess is fine if you have time for that sort of thing. What I know is that there’s a 10k in two weeks where I can put my fitness to the test again and see what happens!

Sunday: 5.3 miles, 44 minutes, AHR 132. My legs felt the same as if I had run that extra minute yesterday — and that is to say, terrible. Holy moly. I shuffled around some nearby neighborhoods, and the weather was beautiful.

Totals: 50.5 miles, 82 minutes of Pilates and yoga.