Improve Your Sleep Hygiene for Consistently Better Rest

“Get more sleep.” An often-lauded recommendation to improve not just your running but your entire life, and it sounds SO SIMPLE except … how? And how much? And, um, can we go back to how? I’ve concluded that I cannot, in fact, add an extra couple hours to my day just for sleeping. And there... Continue Reading →

Salty Running: The 2018 Treadmill Entertainment Awards

One of the best things I read on Instagram in all of 2017 was Esther Atkins saying it’s not a “dreadmill,” it’s a “dreammill.” Yes, running outside is totes the best — I’m not sure anyone ever started running because the treadmill was so inspiring. But the treadmill is a great tool to keep your... Continue Reading →

Runners, Use Your Sunscreen!

As runners, we spend a lot of time outside. But do you apply sunscreen before you go out for every run? Even more important, do you put it on as part of your daily routine? Do you put it everywhere you need to? Only recently have I noticed a trend away from tanning and towards skin... Continue Reading →

Social Media Schadenfreude – Salty Running

A piece in which I admit to doing something I'm at least a little bit ashamed of. Spill the beans — have you done this, too? Pump n' Chic, episode 1: In which Chicory asks Pumpkin why other people’s social media posts about their crazy training shenanigans bother her. DEAR PUMPKIN, Lately I’ve found myself doing something that I’m... Continue Reading →

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