Sure, you could probably get by just fine with a cheap Timex from the big box store, like runners did in the olden days. But instead, here you are, frittering away the work day or scrolling while your kid barely escapes death or dismemberment on the playground as you wistfully peruse review sites admiring a new watch release with about 50 features you’ll never use and half of which you don’t even understand.

Next thing you know, you’re reading up on GLONASS (after a near miss with the boss or despite the glares of the other parents at the playground). And yes it does sound like something you should see your doctor about, or a term that might land you on the Russian collusion investigation if you google it, but suddenly you find yourself in an online debate on whether it is superior to GPS or not. And then it’s time for a meeting or to take your kid home before he bites another kid.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! If you’ve got money to blow but no time to do all the research, let us do it for you. Here, we help you decide which ridiculously expensive running watch you don’t need is right for you!

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