Okay, let’s just all agree that posting recaps every 2 weeks may just be how it goes for the next EIGHT WEEKS because that’s ALL THAT’S LEFT before Chicago. Holy. Crap.

July 31-Aug. 6

IMG_4091The week before was a down week with a race, so it was back on the mileage grind this week.

Monday: 8 miles easy in the morning, 65 minutes, AHR 139. Jasyoga in the evening.

Tuesday: 10 miles after work on the treadmill with 5×1 mile repeats at threshold pace/85% max HR, 75 minutes, AHR 155.

Wednesday: Early morning 6 miles, easy recovery with a friend, 51 minutes, 140 AHR. Oof. Massage that afternoon then taught Pilates.

Thursday: Taught Pilates first then ran 8 miles with 8x 20 second strides, 62 minutes, AHR 152.

Friday: 6 miles easy in the morning, not fast. Warm, windy, and humid — plus still feeling the effects of mile repeats and the massage.

Saturday: 14 miles total with 8 miles at 75-85% max HR, 105 minutes, AHR 150. Cool weather helps, but I had a hard time getting my HR to 160. Felt like I was stuck in 3rd gear. Maybe because it was cool?

Sunday: Slept about 9 hours. Easy 6 miles later in the morning, 49 minutes, AHR 135. Taught two Pilates classes after.

Totals: 58 miles run, 255 minutes of Pilates and Jasyoga.

Aug. 7-13

IMG_4432When in doubt, grind it out. I worked from home some this week because Morgan was still in recovery mode from her spay surgery and the lack of exercise led to the demise of 3 pillows and 1 footstool poof, RIP.

Monday: 8 miles around 2 p.m., beautiful weather, 62 minutes, AHR 142.

Tuesday: 10 miles around 2 p.m., hotter than I expected. 4 miles of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy. First 2 miles were great. Took 90 seconds jog after mile 2. Mile 3 was tough. Quick water stop at 3.5, some dry heaving after the 3rd rep of last mile. All-in-all pretty solid and consistent. Jasyoga after.

Wednesday: 6 miles with a friend, early morning, 50 minutes, AHR 142. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Thursday: 10 miles with 30 minutes of continuous hills, which turns out to be 12 total climbs on my favorite loop and about 700’ of climb. 80 minutes, AHR 150. We’ve now entered the “two 10 mile weekdays” phase of marathon training. Taught Pilates in the evening.

Friday: 6 miles easy in the afternoon, right after a thunderstorm, 49 minutes, AHR 141. Humid AF. Jasyoga after.

Saturday: 18 miles easy, 2:28, 139 AHR. Low and slow just like a crockpot. Picked up my friend and her jog stroller at mile 5 and then did the next 4 extra easy, then back on my own for the rest. Warm and humid.

Sunday: Easy 6, 49 minutes, AHR 134. Slept in.

Totals: 64 miles run, 130 minutes of Pilates and Jasyoga.

P.S. Morgan is back to running a little bit, but keeping her to about .30-.70 miles right now. I haven’t really been tracking it. The best part is when I put the leash around my waist, she knows it is time to run and starts freaking out!