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Owensboro Memorial Day Half report

¬†After dropping out of the Derby Marathon last month, I was in need of a confidence boost. And while I didn’t think I could hit the marathon time I had trained for, I… Continue reading

Did not finish or did not fail?

Sometimes, wanting something isn’t quite enough. I work in education and we teach our students that it is okay to fail — that failure is a learning process. As I work through swirling… Continue reading

Surprise! Mystery goodie boxes by mail

The one thing that might save the United States Postal Service is the explosion of¬†subscription service boxes. There’s one I’m already hooked on, and one that I may soon be hooked on, and… Continue reading

Louisville’s Triple Crown of Running

January. The start of a new year and, for many of us, the start of a new racing “season.” January is the month many of us start getting back into training, after coasting… Continue reading

2014: By The Numbers

This was one of those years that just flew by. It was the year I got married, turned 30, and finally got my running groove back. A year ago, I didn’t think I’d… Continue reading

‘Dirty 30’ at Otter Creek

There are three of us in my running group who have December birthdays within about 10 days of each other. For years, we’ve talked about — but never had — a collective birthday… Continue reading

Trapped in February

I won’t lie, this month’s column has been a struggle. I put it off to the last minute (sorry, Bruce) and have really only bribed myself into writing it by promising myself I… Continue reading

A return to trails

After a miniature running comeback in the past two years, I’m starting to feel a little “over” the marathon. I proved to myself I could still do it … and now I don’t… Continue reading

Circles, cycles, repetition, routine

Running is all about circles and cycles, repetition and routine. No one factor is as consistently successful as consistency. In fact, lifetime mileage is an often-talked about part of a runner’s peak ability.… Continue reading

Are relays the perfect way to race with your friends?

I like running. I particularly like running with my friends. Therefore, a relay race sounds like a perfect opportunity. I’ve written before about running the Bourbon Chase here in Kentucky. It’s a 12-person,… Continue reading