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‘You’re a mermaid!’

It’s well known — at least by all of us — that runners get little recognition and fanfare compared to athletes in other sports. With few exceptions, the average person would recognize few… Continue reading

Congratulations — it’s a baby park!

It’s not often you get to see a huge park being created, essentially under your very feet. Indeed, many “parks” cropping up nowadays are merely small green spaces with a playground and maybe… Continue reading

The ‘M’ Word

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while, almost three years. Recently, he brought up the “M” word. I guess I can’t say I’m surprised — I’ve sensed it coming for… Continue reading

Top ten ways you know you’re marathon training

Many of us will have wrapped up marathon season — hopefully successfully — by the time this article is published. But as we work through our recovery phases, I’m sure many of you… Continue reading

Regular maintenance required

Often, the same personality traits that make us good runners also make us terrible runners. Our type-A personalities make us hard-working and dedicated … but also reluctant to ease off or — heaven… Continue reading

Checking my ego at the trailhead

My earliest running experiences were the unorganized, free-for-all child kind. I didn’t participate in “fun runs” or youth cross country. I just ran. I grew up on a 92-acre farm in Kentucky, in… Continue reading

Youth cross-country a boon to Bluegrass image

Kentucky — a state known for bourbon and fried chicken, but increasingly known also for running. Despite the south being football country, and Kentucky specifically being basketball country, the ranks of top-notch young… Continue reading

A runner attempts Pure Barre

Most of us, as runners, understand the importance of cross training — both for our health and to better our running performance. But let me be honest — I love running. I despise… Continue reading

Live in the moment

Live in the moment. That simple sentence kicked off the fifth year of Derby City Athletic Club’s youth cross-country camp, which I wrote more about in the July issue of the Running Journal.… Continue reading

Two-a-days in the mountains – vacation perfection

At the end of June, I’ll be heading to a beautiful place to do nothing but run with about 75 other people. My non-running acquaintances think this is the opposite of an ideal… Continue reading