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RIP Cameron Bean 1986-2015

Originally posted on Cole Runs:
Cameron and I were really good friends for our first 2 years at ZAP. We hung out all the time, laughed a lot, ran a ton of miles…

Week 2 Recap

Second week of marathon training in the books, just 39 miles but definitely a different arrangement of miles than what I’ve been doing. Plus it came on top of a difficult week. Last… Continue reading

Chasing Boston (part 4 – injured)

Originally posted on Not another Brooklyn blog:
The grotesquely swollen ankle pictured here is not a running injury. It’s a blogging injury. How prescient was I when I identified blogging, birds and booze as…

Celebrating Father’s Day with a fast

This year I am celebrating Father’s Day simply by celebrating the fact my father is still here. On Sunday, we won’t be going to brunch, or lunch, or dinner — because I have… Continue reading

Regional Spring Marathons

Knoxville – March 29 – Go! St Louis – April 12 – Carmel – April 18 – Derby – April 25 – Country Music Marathon (Nashville) – April 25 – Pro Football Hall… Continue reading

Indy Monumental Race Review – Nov. 1, 2014

Saturday was my second trip to the Monumental Marathon, having run the full there last year. This year I was taking on the half, while my husband was running the full. A few… Continue reading

Otter Creek Trail Race – Preview – Dec. 20, 2014

There are three of us in my running group who have December birthdays within about 10 days of each other. For years, we’ve talked about — but never had — a collective birthday… Continue reading

A summer marathon, of sorts

In August, I felt exactly like I was getting ready for a marathon. The planning. The clothing. The weather-watching. The nerves. Except I wasn’t about to run a marathon. I was about to get… Continue reading

A starter kit for launching new runners

There should be like a starter kit for running. And experienced runners should have it handy to give out whenever needed, because we’ve all had that conversation. It usually goes like this: “I… Continue reading

Ladies’ Only Racing and the Indy Women’s Half

Men are faster than women — this is a fact that no amount of women’s lib will ever change. But, not all men are faster than all women, that’s for sure. A number… Continue reading