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Pelvis: Your body’s wobbly seesaw

“It’s all about the pelvis,” my friend and physical therapist proclaimed recently. I wholeheartedly agreed, in part because I was in the middle of a dozen exercises to fix my own pelvis and… Continue reading

Becoming a gym rat

I have often said I don’t really like exercising — I just like running. People who go to the gym and “work out” seem strange to me. Until now. Previously, when I was… Continue reading

When the finish line means even more

Crossing a race finish line, especially a marathon, is always a victory. That sense of accomplishment, of pride, is something every finisher gets, regardless of their time or finishing position. And sometimes, that… Continue reading

‘It’s time to start seeing other distances’

There are many things I’ve never done in my eight years of running: run 50 miles, win a marathon, race a mile. At least the last of those is something many runners have… Continue reading

Trapped in February

I won’t lie, this month’s column has been a struggle. I put it off to the last minute (sorry, Bruce) and have really only bribed myself into writing it by promising myself I… Continue reading

A return to trails

After a miniature running comeback in the past two years, I’m starting to feel a little “over” the marathon. I proved to myself I could still do it … and now I don’t… Continue reading

Monumental Marathon Review

Like many marathoners, I like to vary which races I run, using them as an excuse for a mini-vacation twice a year. This year I went up to Indianapolis for the sixth-annual Monumental… Continue reading

Circles, cycles, repetition, routine

Running is all about circles and cycles, repetition and routine. No one factor is as consistently successful as consistency. In fact, lifetime mileage is an often-talked about part of a runner’s peak ability.… Continue reading

Are relays the perfect way to race with your friends?

I like running. I particularly like running with my friends. Therefore, a relay race sounds like a perfect opportunity. I’ve written before about running the Bourbon Chase here in Kentucky. It’s a 12-person,… Continue reading

‘You’re a mermaid!’

It’s well known — at least by all of us — that runners get little recognition and fanfare compared to athletes in other sports. With few exceptions, the average person would recognize few… Continue reading