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Did not finish or did not fail?

Sometimes, wanting something isn’t quite enough. I work in education and we teach our students that it is okay to fail — that failure is a learning process. As I work through swirling… Continue reading

Reflections on the Triple Crown and, well, my entire running career

Note: This started off as a race report/review but I got sidetracked. If all you’re interested in is how I did at PJ10, click here. Wow. Another Triple Crown already over. It’s amazing… Continue reading

Last place finisher’s words of wisdom

Some races just aren’t your day. Saturday’s Rodes City Run wasn’t mine. But it was Asia Ford’s. Ford, 35, was in last place. Some 6,300 other runners and walkers were ahead of her. Behind her, just the vehicles… Continue reading

Anthem 5k race report/review

Ah, the Anthem 5k — the annual rust-busting 5k for Louisville’s competitive runners and the first-ever 5k for thousands of others. This year, the race attrached some 5,458 runners and walkers despite the… Continue reading

Indy Monumental Race Review – Nov. 1, 2014

Saturday was my second trip to the Monumental Marathon, having run the full there last year. This year I was taking on the half, while my husband was running the full. A few… Continue reading

Ladies’ Only Racing and the Indy Women’s Half

Men are faster than women — this is a fact that no amount of women’s lib will ever change. But, not all men are faster than all women, that’s for sure. A number… Continue reading

Monumental Marathon Review

Like many marathoners, I like to vary which races I run, using them as an excuse for a mini-vacation twice a year. This year I went up to Indianapolis for the sixth-annual Monumental… Continue reading

Cbus or bust: a comeback marathon

My running career took off like a rocket about six years ago — unfortunately, it fell back to earth just as quickly. After struggling for the past two years, I can’t decide if… Continue reading

Four years of chasing bourbon … on foot

Four years ago, I talked to man who was planning to launch a new overnight relay on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail. Mike Kuntz explained the idea to me and my friend/coworker/running pal Diane. Our… Continue reading