Xinglet — okay, it’s actually on backwards here. Whoops.

Product name: Xinglet Lite LED

Manufacturer: Amphipod

Purpose: Making sure you don’t get hit by a car.

Why you should buy it: Because you don’t want to get hit by a car.

Seriously, over the years I’ve mostly just used a blinky light and they hardly ever worked for long or stayed in place. I had a Nathan LightSpur that was good, but I felt it was too low to the ground. A car driver is going to be more in line with my torso. So I went on a quest to find a new option. Having run the Bourbon Chase overnight relay four times, I’ve worn quite a few vests, none of which fit my petite frame and were largely sweat-soaked, disgusting and annoying.

But the Xinglet is light, it’s adjustable in four different spots (both height and waist), and it has a clip-on magnetic flashing light (that you could use independently if so inclined).

The Xinglet comes in three colors — I wanted pink but got it at a local store that only carries yellow — and has reflective tape across all the straps. There’s a larger reflective “safety zone” on your chest and your back.

You can also get the XInglet with built-in flashing LEDs, or a version with a sizable pocket. Or, the original version with no lights. And if you need more viz, you can add more vizlet LED lights (and some of them are super cute).

I’ve logged a lot of runs with my Xinglet. It’s easy on and off, doesn’t have a lot of fabric to get sweaty, it’s light but bright. I feel much safer but not in any way restricted!