Welp, that’s the end of May. I saw an Instagram post along the lines of how March and April were really long and then May was just a hot dumpster fire of a second. I’m like everyone else, I think — I’ve had good days and bad days during Kentucky’s stay at home orders. I’ve deployed my mental health toolbox plenty. I’ve been furloughed one day a week for a while, but I”m fortunate that unemployment has covered that fifth day and I’ve used it to work on passion projects — and to take care of my mental health, too. My full-time job has been hit hard, since we provide PR services mostly in the food & beverage sector. I’ve been stressed about working AND not working at the same time.
It is also a time of social unrest, especially here in Louisville. It weighs heavily on my mind. As a former reporter I also believe in gathering as much info as I can and in hearing all sides. I feel strongly that our country is in need of deep, systematic change — and that many of these issues come from the leadership in our federal, state and local governments and our police forces. That said, I was also a justice administration minor and believe in community policing and the good work many police departments (in my experience, especially the smaller ones) can do. I don’t have answers or solutions, but I do have empathy and am willing to listen and take meaningful action.
I know that’s not why any of you are reading this blog, but I feel like I can’t post a happy-go-lucky training log and life update and ignore what’s going on around me, around all of us.

Training log:

  • Monday: 5 mi easy mid-morning, taught Pilates.
  • Tuesday: 4  mi easy in the evening.
  • Wednesday: 8 mi workout on the treadmill at lunch, mix of 3 and 7 min hard segments with short recoveries. 23 minutes of effort. Taught Pilates in the evening.
  • Thursday: 4 mi easy early morning.
  • Friday: 6 mi easy early morning with 3 mi progression (7:21, 7:13, 6:45). Taught lunch break Pilates.
  • Saturday: Taught Pilates in the morning then 3 mi easy.
  • Sunday: 12 mi easy in the morning and taught Pilates in the afternoon.
Total: 42 miles and I actually did all three quality days for the first time since quarantine started.

What we ate:

Gardening log:

  • Weeding and weeding and weeding. Ordered some Weedguard Plus paper stuff that comes in a big roll and you can roll it between the rows of plants. Hoping that helps — and gets here soon.
  • Our basil seeds didn’t sprout so picked up two seedlings and got them planted, along with an oregano plant.
  • Green beans went from an inch to 4 inches seemingly overnight; I thinned them and was able to (hopefully) replant several — a couple in different spots in the garden and a few in small pots. If they survive overnight, I’ll offer them to our neighbors.
  • Something keeps eating our strawberries. I went on a mission to find supports and netting this weekend but found neither. We had some other netting so I’m using that for now, and I rigged some supports to get the strawberries off the dirt out of a plastic disposable cup and a recycled mushroom container.

B13E68DE-0F4A-4A71-84B6-C3C413F0741DPilates schedule:

  • Tuesday, 6 p.m.: KineticCORE
  • Friday, 12:30 p.m.: KineticCORE
  • Saturday, 10:30 a.m.: KineticCORE
  • Sunday, 4:30 p.m.: KineticRECHARGE

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Have a great week!