IMG_7434Training log:

  • Monday: off, I fell down the stairs the week before and tried to run through it. On Sunday, new things were hurting which made me think I was probably doing more harm then good.
  • Tuesday: off. Messed up my shoulder and couldn’t move my head.
  • Wednesday: off. Same as above. Taught online Pilates class in the evening (join me!)
  • Thursday: 3 miles easy after Kyle Bowling worked on my neck, thank goodness.
  • Friday: 6 miles easy in the morning. Taught online Pilates class at lunch. 3 miles easy in the evening. (First day of #GVRAT! Plus recovery miles with C.)
  • Saturday: off. Was going to run; had to unload dirt instead and didn’t have time. Taught online Pilates class.
  • Sunday: 10 miles easy, HOT. Taught online Pilates class.E44CD8F1-1C4A-4A1E-AB91-47EFB0DD2477

What we ate:

Gardening log:

  • Finished cleaning out the bed on the side of our house — so much mint! Sewed seeds for pollinator garden (I used this mix from Burpee and added some Zinnias). That side bed hasn’t had much purpose so I decided helping our friendly pollinators and growing some cut flowers in the process would be a fun solution.
  • Got a giant scoop of dirt from a local hardscape company for the test raised bed we’re doing (3’x8′). Shoveled that out of a pickup truck, mixed in compost.

What else:

Morgan and I went on a nice walk at the Parklands Tuesday and she got to jump in the creek. And it was Derby weekend so Saturday we had a couple of friends over from our neighborhood for a socially-distanced dinner. We made the sheet pan shrimp boil bake linked above.