Baptist Milestone teaching schedule

Why Pilates? Because you’ve been working from home for weeks, throwing your body outta wack. Improve your posture, unkink those muscles, stretch, mobilize.

  • Wednesday: think of this as strength + stretch. All levels, no props needed.
  • Friday: quick 30 minute lunchtime brain + body break. All levels, no props needed.
  • Saturday: work on all parts of your core including abdominals, lower back, hips and glutes. All levels, no props needed.
  • Sunday Stretchies! Foam roller encouraged but not required. Expect most of class to be core work using the roller as a prop (but can be done without), and the last part as guided myofasical release (what you’re used to using your roller for, but with instruction).

All time EST. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are approximately 60 minutes. Book here or use the link at the top of the page. Use code WELCOME to get your first class on me.

If you’ve got questions or are interested but would need a different day/time, leave me a comment!