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Weekly Recap 1/15/17

It’s been a weird weather week (again), but after you run in 0 windchill, everything else seems better. Generally I had a goal this week of doing something “extra” each day to help… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 1/8/17

First week of January is over. Three more to go. January is definitely Bertha’s favorite month — if you can log some decent mileage in January, your spring season is off to a… Continue reading

Hammer Nutrition 2017 Sponsored Athlete!

I am excited to return as a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete for 2017! I love the company’s commitment to all-natural ingredients and to innovating true endurance fuels with a “less is best” approach.… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 1/1/17 + Hangover Classic Race Report

Hey New Year! Welcome! I had a great year of training and racing in 2016, so I’m a little sad to see it go. But I wrapped up the year with a 60-mile… Continue reading

2016 Recap & 2017 Goals

Man, what a year. I surprised myself a few times along the way — both in terms of race times but even more so in the amount of work I was willing to… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 12/26

Ah! Late recap because of the holidays. Monday: 8 miles, 63 minutes, 141 AHR. Early morning dark and frigid. 14 degrees, windchill of 5, which is definitely cold in these parts. Generally unremarkable but… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 12/18

After making myself run in the morning a lot last week, I failed at that this week. We had weird weather in Kentucky, cold for most of the week then really warm Saturday… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 12/11

This week involved a lot of cold and dark runs, but a solid 50 mile week with three quality sessions. I’ve also been doing the Jasyoga Hit Reset Streak challenge, so I’ve been… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 12/4/16

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since the Monumental Marathon already. I still find it hard to believe that I ran 2:57, and I have to check the results now and… Continue reading

November Mileage

Mileage doesn’t matter when you’ve just crushed your goal time and PR’d by 10 minutes. All the big mileage months before paid off and November was time to recuperate, rebuild, rejuvenate. Starting to… Continue reading