Weekly Recap 2/26/17

“It keeps adding up.” Coach’s words to me after another pretty big mileage week stacked after last week’s, and lots of quality in there. Also, shorts every weekday! Monday: 10 mi, 78 minutes, 149 AHR. First three with my bestie, then a nice loop after. Tuesday: 10 mi, 74 minutes, 155 AHR. Track workout of... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 2/19/17

The most important thing to note about this week is that I ran outside in shorts EVERY DAY. If the weather just wants to hang out here until say May, that’s fine by me. After a couple of weeks of feeling flat, I think I’m over the hump! I was reminded of the section in... Continue Reading →

Weekly recap 2/12/17

This week was one of those microcosms where you have all the highs and lows of an entire season wedged in. I started the week dealing with a back injury and finished it with a PR! Monday: Afternoon appointment to sports chiropractor for my back. Conclusion: strained lat. Cause: No idea. Treatment: Dry needling and... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 2/5/17

In case I’ve ever come across as a rational, smart runner … let me avail you of that notion. I’ve been dealing with a back injury and still ran 60 miles this week. Probably stupid. I know it was stupid because I didn’t tell coach about it, I just put it in my notes. Basically... Continue Reading →

January 2017 Recap

Happy with this start to 2017! Miles run: 276.44 Time spent running: 35 hours, 23 minutes Longest run: 16 miles Average run: 7 miles Average time: 54:27 Average pace: 7:42 min/mi Treadmill miles: 62 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 10 hours, 44 minutes 46.5 hours of fitness 1 race, 1 win, 1 PR (s0rt-of) Weekly... Continue Reading →

Weekly recap 1/29/17

Little less crazy than last week … but still kinda crazy. Also finally committed to a spring race so stay tuned for that. I didn’t do as well with the “extras” this week as last week, but still okay. Monday: 10 miles, 75 minutes, 145 AHR. Easy after work — felt really good. Would’ve been... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 1/22/17

So most weeks I just post the skinny on my training, for what I hope is a fun behind-the-scenes peek but also to help keep me accountable. This week I’m including a little more “life” in addition to the running. Let me start with just a little background: my husband and I live in a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 1/15/17

It’s been a weird weather week (again), but after you run in 0 windchill, everything else seems better. Generally I had a goal this week of doing something “extra” each day to help my training, even if that’s just 5 minutes of Jasyoga or foam rolling. Monday: 10 miles, 77 minutes, AHR 142. Some activation... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 1/8/17

First week of January is over. Three more to go. January is definitely Bertha’s favorite month — if you can log some decent mileage in January, your spring season is off to a good start. Just trying to press through and know there’s light — literally, more daylight — ahead. Monday: Easy 6 to recover... Continue Reading →

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