IMG_0358.jpgIt’s been a weird weather week (again), but after you run in 0 windchill, everything else seems better. Generally I had a goal this week of doing something “extra” each day to help my training, even if that’s just 5 minutes of Jasyoga or foam rolling.

Monday: 10 miles, 77 minutes, AHR 142. Some activation drills from Jasyoga before, and then cruise control on the treadmill. Plus my first run in my new shoes! I finally ran out of old New Balance Boracays I had stashed away, and the relaunched version isn’t available at my local store yet, so I opted for the 1080s.

Tuesday: 10 miles, 73 minutes, AHR 154. Speed day on the treadmill after work, 3×2 miles at threshold — 6:35/167, 6:37/167, 6:36/168. Coach said he would’ve expected my HR to climb more on the treadmill where you don’t have much air circulation, and that it was a good indicator of fitness. YAY. After I did about 18 minutes of core, strength and foam rolling.

Wednesday: 6 miles, 49 minutes, AHR 137. The ol’ 12-hour turnaround on Wednesday morning recovery. Ouch. Taught Pilates that night.

Thursday: 8 miles, 62 minutes, AHR 153. Progression day! Got a replacement from Garmin for my wonky FR35 and totally didn’t have the screens set right for this workout (Wednesday was the first day I used it outside). I reset it after the warmup and got the screens sorted out, and then moved into the progression part. Thursday workouts are more turnover than anything, so this was a “light” 4 mile progression. The directions were not to go beyond about 80-85% max HR. I went 7:36, 7:23, 7:14, 7:04. That’s a little slower than I would’ve liked but it was 66* with a dewpoint in the upper 50s and winds gusting to 29 mph. Not exactly progression-friendly! I taught Pilates Strength that evening.

Friday: 6 miles, 48 minutes, AHR 139. I ran to the bank before work. Pretty low HR for the pace on a recovery day. My “extra” for the day was an hour sports massage after work. YAS.

Saturday: 16 miles, 123 minutes, AHR 142. Rainy and 37 degrees, everyone’s favorite. Fine run, though, not really much to note. Stopped for water at 6 and 12. After that, I changed into dry clothes and drove over to a nearby track to run a few laps to help a friend test the camera he uses to capture track meet results. That ended up being about another 1.2, and it was raining again, and I’m counting that as my “extra.” I did do a few minutes of legs up the wall, too.

Sunday: 4 miles, 32 minutes, AHR 137. Low and slow. I like to listen to podcasts on Sundays as a “treat,” but my headphones died a mile in. And then I stopped to put them in my pocket and forgot to start my watch back up. C’mon! It was cold and rainy (again), and I had a phone interview for a Salty Running story scheduled, so I took the shorter mileage option for the day. (Actually, that’s not true. My options were 4-6 miles, cross-train OR off. So I guess I took the third-hardest option.) And I swear I’m going to do some Jasyoga in a bit.

Totals: 61.2 miles, 130 minutes of yoga/Pilates/etc.

P.S. All this training for what, you might ask? Well, I’m getting close to having a plan for the spring! Stay tuned.