DCIM101GOPROG0013523.JPGSo most weeks I just post the skinny on my training, for what I hope is a fun behind-the-scenes peek but also to help keep me accountable. This week I’m including a little more “life” in addition to the running.

Let me start with just a little background: my husband and I live in a condo that he bought 10 years ago; I’ve lived there for 6. We started talking about selling it and buying a house at least two years ago and have been to literally hundreds of open houses. We started working with an agent a year ago, but we weren’t ready to list the condo — after 10 years, it needed some updates, plus they were finishing a new set of units. Over the past few months we’ve had a lot of it repainted and had new hardwood laminate floors installed (which we love and will hate to leave). Our goal was to list mid-January, but we hadn’t seen anything on the market that we’d want to buy, so we were procrastinating.

Last weekend we saw a house online that had just listed and had an open house. We swung over to check it out and were really impressed. We texted our agent that night and scheduled a second visit for Monday.

Not good.

Monday: 11.6 miles, not sure overall pace/HR because of the watch situation. Started solo, ran to pick up one friend, then ran back and picked up my agent (who is also a running friend), then ran back to drop off the first friend, then back. My watch died 5 miles in, ran about 1.5 with no watch, then used my phone for the rest. When we got back to the park, it turned out my friend/agent’s car had been broken into! The whole bottom half of her back passenger’s window was busted out and her purse gone. Call, file reports, cancel cards … then I asked if she wanted to skip going by the house. “NO! You guys have been looking for a year. We’re going.” She was also a fan, and told us to figure out what we wanted to do ASAP. I was off work for MLK Day, and did a bunch of packing and prep so we could list the condo. We made plans for the photographer to come on Friday, regardless of this other house.

Tuesday: 12 miles, 88 minutes, AHR 155. Met with our loan officer for two hours in the afternoon to make sure the financial side of buying a house was where we wanted. Our loan officer was great about digging through our credit reports and finding a couple of easy fixes that bumped our score a hundred points! He also said he had another client looking for a condo like ours in our part of town, and asked us to send some photos over so he could give her a heads-up. Hubs and I both had speedwork so we headed to the gym after that. We did a bit of the warmup together, but I had more to do before starting the speed part. The workout was 90-75-60-45-30-15 hard with equal rest (about 5k effort), half-mile jog, then 3 miles at 85% max HR. Holy cow. That was tough. I ended up doing the entire workout on a track … my original plan was to do the SSR in the neighborhood but there was too much traffic and not enough light. I haven’t felt the need to lay on the floor after a workout in a while, so that was fun. 10 minutes of legs up the wall. Went to pick up dinner because I was way too tired to cook, talked to our agent on the way and decided on our offer. (!!!)

Treadmill celebration!

Wednesday: 4 miles, 33 minutes, AHR 145. Craziest day ever. I had a work breakfast and had just gotten in the car when our agent called. I was surprised to hear back on the offer so early — we had given them a noon deadline and it was only about 10 a.m. But no. She was calling about our condo. The loan officer’s client had talked to her agent, who talked to our agent, and they wanted to come see our condo that night. YIKES. The guest room was full of packed boxes and nothing was ready. I took the day off and so did my husband, and we spent the whole day packing, cleaning, prepping, and staging. Our house offer was countered, then we countered, then they countered. We came to an agreement but had to wait for the paperwork. I literally ran out the door to teach Pilates at 6 p.m. After class, I met C on the treadmill to squeeze in a few miles. Before I could even get it started, our agent called with a verbal offer on our (unlisted) condo! We signed off on both offers around 11:30 p.m.

Thursday: 8 miles, 60 minutes, AHR 152. Light progression run on the treadmill after Pilates Strength. Comparatively quiet day, although spent a lot of time texting people this crazy story.

Friday: 6 miles, 48 minutes, AHR 139. Early run and my body was wiped out. 10 minutes of legs up the wall. Scheduled inspection for next week at the new house.

Actual celebrating. Greenwich Sour cocktail … I made this!

Saturday: 12 miles with 3 miles at MP. Was supposed to be more like HMP, and my HR was, but my pace wasn’t. Not surprised, really. It was an okay run, never felt like I could find my groove. Also unseasonably warm and humid and breezy. Finished at Starbucks and walked back. Shopped for new furniture.

Sunday: 3.4 miles, 27 minutes, AHR 135. Thought about taking the day off but it was 50 degrees and I just couldn’t pass that up in January. 21 minutes of Jasyoga after, then spent most of the day prepping for the condo inspection on Monday.

Totals: 57 miles, 2:25 of Pilates and Yoga, 1 house bought, 1 condo sold. Many naps needed.