Ready for the sun to come back.

Little less crazy than last week … but still kinda crazy. Also finally committed to a spring race so stay tuned for that. I didn’t do as well with the “extras” this week as last week, but still okay.

Monday: 10 miles, 75 minutes, 145 AHR. Easy after work — felt really good. Would’ve been nice to have those legs when I whiffed my long run two days before. Took a longer stop early on to drop something off and see my friend, but then cruised solid the whole time. I’d look at my watch and think the pace was fast, but my HR screen is bigger and it said, “Nah, you’re okay, girl.”

Tuesday: 12 miles, 90 minutes, 150 AHR. Track day. 5 mile warm up with 4×100 strides, then 5 miles of alternating 400 hard/400 easy. Averaged 86 on the 400s (5:45 pace) at 168 HR (max 177-180) and 8:33 pace on the recoveries. I was happy, coach was happy.

Normatec recovery.

Wednesday: 6 miles, 49 minutes, 148 AHR. It was 60* and I ran in a tank top and shorts! Hadn’t run with Rebekah in a while … and she hadn’t run in a while. Got dinged by coach for all the stoppage, but if you’re going to bum around, Wednesday is the day to do it (on my schedule anyway). Used Normatec recovery boots for the first time Wednesday morning; that was interesting. More on that another time (I’m planning to use them a few times a week when I hit peak training so I can give better insight). Taught Pilates after the run.

Thursday: 8 miles, 62 minutes, 149 AHR. I ended up leaving work early to take care of some of the inspection-related repairs at our condo. I had 20 minutes of continuous hills on the schedule. I have a great loop that I like for this workout but the weather was yuck and if I wanted to squeeze it in before my Pilates class, the treadmill was faster. 30 minute warm up then hills at 4.5-6% incline for 1-2 minutes each, then back to flat and slower for about 1 minute each recovery. HR got up to about 175, and I felt like this was pretty close to what I would’ve done outside. Missed the turnover uptick I normally get from the downhills. Taught Pilates Strength after.

Friday: 6 miles, 48 minutes, 143 AHR. Easy treadmill run after we met the home inspector at the new place. I had some time between the inspection and having coffee with Paul from Kentucky Kombucha, so I could either go home for a bit or jump on the treadmill at the gym, so I went for it. Can’t wait to share the Kentucky Kombucha story!

Sunday vibes.

Saturday: 16 miles, 2:07, 141 AHR. Cold and windy — windchill was 20*, a far cry from Wednesday! Yuck. Never found my groove. No part of me wanted to go any faster. Had to start at 7 a.m. because I was doing a Pilates demo at the library at 10. Did squeeze in an Epsom salt soak later in the afternoon!

Sunday: 6 miles, 47 minutes, 141 AHR. Mid-30s and wintry mix but had a good time. Jasyoga hip mobility/strength after, and then Jasyoga glute activation and hip opening later.

Totals: 64 miles, 2 Pilates classes, 60 minutes of recovery stuff.