I am excited to return as a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete for 2017! I love the company’s commitment to all-natural ingredients and to innovating true endurance fuels with a “less is best” approach. Hammer Nutrition’s stance on the dangers of simple sugars sets them apart, and they continue to do important research on the dangers of NSAIDs and other important nutrition topics.

IMG_7613As a sponsored athlete in 2016, I had the opportunity to really expand my Hammer knowledge and usage and try new products — and ask a lot of questions!

Recoverite is the product I use the most and the one that made me a true believer in Hammer Nutrition. I had used it occasionally in past years but somewhat sporadically and only after long runs. While training for Monumental Marathon in the fall of 2015, I began using Recoverite after nearly every run. I’ve maintained that usage as through my spring marathon and while training for Monumental again this fall, and believe it truly contributes to my ability to increase weekly mileage and rebound following increasingly intense speedwork sessions.

IMG_7084I also am a huge fan of Hammer Gels for quick energy either before a run or during longer sessions. They’re easy to digest, cause no GI distress and come in great flavors. I’m always excited to share them with friends and point out that one of the main ingredients in the Raspberry flavor is RASPBERRY! Who knew! The nut butter variations are great with breakfast, either spread on toast with almond butter or in my oatmeal.

Fully Charged is quickly becoming a favorite; I love how it gives me a little boost throughout harder sessions. More focus and more “pop” in my workouts. It saved me recently week when I had to teach a Pilates class then run a 10 mile workout after!

As a very salty sweater, Endurolytes were the first Hammer product I tried and I still keep a bottle of them and some Endurolyte Fizz tablets in my bag at all times. I promote them to my Pilates clients because a lot of the leg extension work we do can cause foot cramps.

img_8745In fact, the Fizz tabs were part of my fueling plan for the Monumental Marathon. After consulting with Hammer’s fueling expert Steve Born, I used Fizz tabs in my three elite water bottles and taped a Hammer Gel to each one. I also used Race Day Boost leading up to Monumental.

In terms of supplements, I use EndurOmega, Digest Caps and Tissue Rejuvenator daily. I also started using REM Caps over the summer to help ensure I am getting the sleep I need to support the increased training volume I’m handling. They work great, helping me fall asleep and stay asleep, with no grogginess when I wake up.

Try Hammer Nutrition for yourself — save 15% and a special welcome kit with your first order. Use me as your referral at checkout — customer number 254423. (Or use the links in this post!)

And happy 30th anniversary, Hammer!