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Hammer Nutrition 2017 Sponsored Athlete!

I am excited to return as a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete for 2017! I love the company’s commitment to all-natural ingredients and to innovating true endurance fuels with a “less is best” approach.… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Sept. 25

My post-race recovery week mileage is now higher than my max mileage from a year ago. WHOA. It was a good week for recovery since my schedule was off-kilter. Monday we had a… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 9/18 + TWO race reports!

What a week! Not one but TWO races, and I’m happy with them both. I started off the week with an easy 8 on Monday afternoon that I was able to squeeze in… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 9/11

My body definitely feels like I put in a lot of miles this week but it seems kid of surreal at the same time. Like, how did that just happen? I hit 76.5… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Sept. 4

Happy long weekend! I love three-day weekends, even though I have so much to do that Monday is my only real down day. This week I got super exciting news that I was… Continue reading

Tips for a Successful Race

Another great post from Steve Born at Hammer Nutrition. While originally titled for long-distance triathletes, anyone racing long (I’d say half-marathon or more) can benefit from his expert advice. I’ve added some of… Continue reading

Weekly Recap: Feb. 7

It has been such a crazy week that it’s Monday night and I’m just writing this recap. Yikes. So Saturday was 10 weeks out from Carmel — hard to believe it’s already that… Continue reading

Hammer Nutrition giveaway!

I absolutely love Hammer Nutrition products and I’m excited to be a sponsored athlete, which gives me some additional opportunities to share the love — like freebies! This month, I’m giving away a… Continue reading

Weekly recap – 12 weeks to Carmel

I ran 54 miles this week and 48 of them were on the treadmill. How’s that for a summary? I will confess that it wasn’t really bad. I downloaded the entire season of… Continue reading