Side planks = positive vibes. Shirt by Sarah Marie Design Studio.

My post-race recovery week mileage is now higher than my max mileage from a year ago. WHOA. It was a good week for recovery since my schedule was off-kilter.

Monday we had a meeting with a loan officer since we’re making progress on buying a new house (!!!), and then I went home to work on a couple of things before heading to the gym. I hopped on the treadmill but only had time for 4 of my 6 miles for the day before I needed to do a Pilates demo for a Learn to Exercise class. I thought about skipping the last 2 but instead got back on the treadmill I am compulsive.

No speedwork this week, all easy milage, so Tuesday was 8 easy from home in the morning and a massage in the afternoon.

We moved our weekly team meeting to Wednesday morning, so I ran at 5:40 a.m. Dark when I started, dark when I finished. Another 8 mile day, a solid 10 seconds per mile faster than the day before — progress. I had my regular Pilates class to teach that night — we finished a multi-week focus on rolling motions, so rolling like a ball, roll over, roll up, straight-leg rocker, open-leg rocker and seal.

Post-treadmill. Legzzzzz.

So it’s still been in the 90s this week, hence the treadmill Monday, and I ended up back on it Thursday. Coach had scheduled me for 8 but I ended up doing 10. In his notes back to me (that he posted Friday), he wrote on Wednesday, “I hope you are getting a little antsy.” Obviously I was since I started sneaking in mileage the next day.

I mean, the marathon is in SIX WEEKS!

After the treadmill I had Pilates Strength to teach, so a nice 45-minute mix of core, arms and legs.

Friday I intended to get up and run early in the morning but I didn’t. I had an X-Ray at 7:30 a.m. because — and I didn’t write about this last week — I had weird stabbing pains in my esophagus whenever I would swallow following the Gaslight 5k Tuesday until Thursday. My gastroenterologist couldn’t see me until Monday, and although I was feeling fine by Friday, we still wanted to check it out. (Good news, the doctor said he still need to look through it all more closely but didn’t initially see anything alarming. Bad news, we still don’t know what it was. I do have GERD but this was not that.)

Anyway … treadmill day number 3 for the week! The heat index was 92* and I just couldn’t. I’m re-watching Covert Affairs (on Amazon Prime) and that plus air conditioning was way more appealing.

Saturday was another weird day. I had plans to meet Rebekah at 6 a.m. — earlier than I needed to run but company always wins out — but then she cancelled so I went back to bed. At about 6:20 my friend Laine texted to see if I was running … so I met her at 7! In the end I was glad we went that early because there was a 5k at Seneca and a charity walk at Cherokee (where I was parked), so I made a hasty exit before they could block off anything else!

YES! #Rungry (Shirt by Sarah Marie Design Studio)

Sunday was super. Both my best friends wanted to run, including one visiting from Lincoln, Neb.! I haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving, so when she asked if I wanted to run long on Sunday, I immediately changed my schedule.

Alas, it’s not fall quite yet in Kentucky (hopefully this week!), so it was 68*, humid and a dew point of 65 in the morning.

I started solo at 6:40 a.m. and got in 2 miles before meeting up with Diane. I got a chance to use my new Amphipod Xinglet Lite LED safety vest, which I really liked! I’ll post more on it soon. Unfortunately I forgot my headlamp, though — took it out when I was repacking my bag and left it on the floor. But, it got light pretty quickly after those first couple of miles.

We headed out for a short loop then went back by our cars to drop off extra gear, then ran a couple miles to pick up Rebekah. I haven’t gotten to run with them both at the same time in years!

So having this kind of company was hugely distracting and the miles flew by. Coach had scheduled 16-20 with an optional 4-6 miles of progression at the end, but I had a lot of discretion to rein it back in if I wasn’t feeling recovered from last week’s race(s).

Fortunately, I felt great. By the time we dropped Rebekah off, I was at about 15 miles. Diane had 14 planned, which mayyyybe became 15, which is why I put in 2 first — that way I’d at least be to the minimum by the time I was solo again.

She and I started to pick it up unintentionally as we headed back to the park. Around 15.5 is when I told her I was tired and starting to actually feel the mileage.

I dropped her off (sad face) with 2.75 to get to 20 and kept working on the progression. She and I had put in one at 7:44, then I went 7:28, 7:13 and 6:53. This was another glycogen depletion run, teaching my body to utilize fat stores (and hopefully prevent bonking). Before starting, I had a Hammer Gel plus Hammer Nutrition’s Fully Charged pre-exercise igniter and 2 capsules each Tissue Rejuvenator, Race Caps Supreme and Endurolytes. During the run I just had water and 5 more Endurolytes. After, I immediately had Hammer Recoverite and then also another Race Caps Supreme and 2 more Tissue Rejuvenator.

(And I spent much of the day in Zensah recovery tights since I have 8-10 miles on Monday!)

Totals: 65 miles run, 2 Pilates classes taught. (Recovery week)