Grandma’s Marathon Race Report

I’m going to start this race report with two lists. First, a list of lessons I learned. We’re all here for the takeaways, right? Don’t trust people who tell you races are flat. Always wear sunscreen. Don’t part your hair down the middle for marathons. Don’t skip the warmup ever ever ever. Go ahead and... Continue Reading →

Carmel Marathon Race Report (finally)

This marathon cycle I unplugged a little bit. I didn’t write training logs for Salty Running. I did a terrible job, frankly, of even updating my logs for my coach to review. I didn’t post a lot about running on social media. I also hit taper with mixed feelings. I could see in those aforementioned... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/6

Race week! Short recap because not much happened before race day. I'll post the race recap separately. Monday was an easy 6 miles after work. Fun running around while kids were starting to trick or treat. Probably a little quicker than it should’ve been but I felt good. Tuesday was an early morning progression run,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/30/16

Six more sleeps until race day. Taper week 1 = not much taper. Coach doesn’t let off the gas quite as abruptly as some other plans, so this was sort-of business as usual the first half of the week. Plus it was a weird week with a lot of after-work obligations. Stupid taper antics included... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/23/16

LAST BIG WEEK DONE! Seriously, I’ve been on the grind since late May and I’m not feeling burnt out but I am feeling ready to see the payoff. Just two more weeks until Indy Monumental — which at times felt like it would never get here! Theme of this week: sleep. I struggled every day... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update 10/16

Holy moly, the marathon isn’t very far away all of a sudden! That snuck up rather quickly, considering I’ve been training for it the past 5 months. I’m actually still surprised that I hit 70 miles this week considering I took the first three days easy. Monday I ran easy with the hubs, 6 miles... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap Sept. 25

My post-race recovery week mileage is now higher than my max mileage from a year ago. WHOA. It was a good week for recovery since my schedule was off-kilter. Monday we had a meeting with a loan officer since we’re making progress on buying a new house (!!!), and then I went home to work... Continue Reading →

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