Thursday Pilates Strength class. Sweatshirt by Sarah Marie Design Studio.

Race week! Short recap because not much happened before race day. I’ll post the race recap separately.

Monday was an easy 6 miles after work. Fun running around while kids were starting to trick or treat. Probably a little quicker than it should’ve been but I felt good.

Tuesday was an early morning progression run, 8 miles with 3 miles gradually getting faster but nothing too speedy — 7:33, 7:28, 7:12. Walked about a mile that afternoon and got a pre-race massage.

Wednesday was just 4 miles easy in the morning, little clunky in the first mile and then it came back around. Taught Pilates after work.

Thursday was an easy 6 miles, stopped at Kroger at 5.5 to buy toothpaste and headlamp batteries. Four striders thrown in. Taught Pilates Strength after work. My two new singlets arrived, finally! Coach had custom new tops made — everything is sublimated instead of screened — and I had a crop (sports bra) and singlet coming.

Sunday walk. Hat by Sarah Marie Design Studio.

Friday was when the nerves started to kick in. I wore both of my new tops to check them out, even though 2 miles isn’t much. 2 mile shake-out run, 8 minute first mile and 7:30 the second.

Saturday: Race day. 1 mi warmup + 26.2 (although my watch says 30.02)

Sunday: Nothing (I walked 1.5 miles, foam rolled, and took an Epsom salt bath).

Totals: 53.2 miles run, 2 Pilates classes taught.