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Weekly Recap Sept. 25

My post-race recovery week mileage is now higher than my max mileage from a year ago. WHOA. It was a good week for recovery since my schedule was off-kilter. Monday we had a… Continue reading

Weekly recap: Recovery week 4 | 2 weeks to Otter Creek

Look, it has been pushing 50 degrees for most of December so I really have no excuses right now. I had a solid week this week, although my mileage isn’t as high as… Continue reading

Gear review: Nathan LightSpur & Black Diamond Spot

While I love the cooler temperatures that come with fall, I’m not a fan of the shorter amounts of daylight. It’s not even the change from DST — I don’t really care which… Continue reading

Week 8 Recap — Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

A solid week in the books. I do think the hardest part about the Pfitz schedule are the two tune-up races with long runs the next day. My legs were garbage after Sunday’s… Continue reading

Week 3 Recap

Well, after two weeks of hitting everything on the schedule exactly right, I knew this would be a week I faltered. Louisville decided to rescind the olive branch of fall weather and present… Continue reading