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Sleep Soundly For Superior Recovery

“Sleep deprivation can put you in one of the worst holes you’ll ever experience. It goes hand in hand with overtraining, erratic training, and poor performances.” – Nate Llerandi Check out this new… Continue reading

Hammer Nutrition 2017 Sponsored Athlete!

I am excited to return as a Hammer Nutrition sponsored athlete for 2017! I love the company’s commitment to all-natural ingredients and to innovating true endurance fuels with a “less is best” approach.… Continue reading

Product Review: Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged

Product name: Fully Charged Manufacturer: Hammer Nutrition Purpose: Fully Charged is a new product from Hammer that came out this fall. It is a “pre-exercise igniter” that helps increase energy, endurance, mental alertness… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 10/23/16

LAST BIG WEEK DONE! Seriously, I’ve been on the grind since late May and I’m not feeling burnt out but I am feeling ready to see the payoff. Just two more weeks until… Continue reading

Tips for a Successful Race

Another great post from Steve Born at Hammer Nutrition. While originally titled for long-distance triathletes, anyone racing long (I’d say half-marathon or more) can benefit from his expert advice. I’ve added some of… Continue reading

Product of the Month: Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

Each month I’ll be spotlighting a product that I rely on for my training and racing … and sometimes even life in general. I’m kicking this series off with my favorite product: Hammer Nutrition’s… Continue reading

Weekly recap – Training begins for Carmel

A great week even considering the terrible weather to wrap it up today. When coach loaded in my training schedule for the month, I glanced at it but didn’t give it a lot… Continue reading