‘How Real Runners Use Jasyoga’

I've posted a lot in my training logs about my love for Jasyoga, but I haven't gone into a lot of detail about it. I had the opportunity to be part of a Jasyoga blog post on "How Real Runners Use Jasyoga," so you can read about how I use it — and how a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 4/2/17 + PJ10 Race Report

After a week where I basically felt like junk every day, a decent race! Monday: 8 easy miles early (66 min / 132 AHR), pretty sure the HR was messed up the entire run. Not a lot of sleep, dark, blah. Massage that afternoon. Tuesday: 10 miles total (73 min / 153 AHR), with 2x2... Continue Reading →

Monthly Mileage: March 2017

So. Much. Racing. Only two show up in this list, because the third one was April 1. Miles run: 257.6 miles Time spent running: 33 hours, 31 minutes Longest run: 20 miles Average run: 7.16 miles Average time: 53 minutes Average pace: 7:48 min/mi Treadmill miles: 48 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 11 hours, 28 minutes... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/27/17

This was the second in-between week of the three-race series I’m doing — three races, each 2 weeks apart. However, the races get progressively longer. It has made my weekly mileage interesting — Coach typically has me do a bit of an alternating cycle, but not usually quite this extreme. So, since the week before... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/19/17

Another week, another race. This Triple Crown series kicks my butt every year, although to be fair I’ve never hit 70 mile weeks in the in-between weeks. One more race to go! Monday: Started the day with the Jasyoga Running Efficiency Boost in the morning as part of my Extra Salt goal to include an... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/12/17

Things are starting to settle down at the new house. After a crazy week last week with moving AND racing, this week was a little more normal in terms of life and training. Monday: 10 miles, 80 minutes, AHR 140. Easy miles in the mid-morning between rainstorms. I took the day off work to get... Continue Reading →

‘Generation GPS’

Another great post by my coach, Matt Ebersole, of Personal Best Training. Having just run a 2.93-mile 5k, this post really rings true! Or that time my watch read 30 miles for the Monumental Marathon because it dropped the GPS signal three times (Garmin tech figured that out, and eventually replaced my unit altogether). You... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/5/17

It was moving week for us, closing on both properties (buying and selling) Wednesday morning. Everything was smooth sailing until we got to the new house and found 2 inches of water in the basement. Storms had come through and the sump pump failed (and the sellers had already moved out) and that was that.... Continue Reading →

February 2017 Recap

Stupid short February! First 500 miles of the year in the books though! Miles run: 249.03 miles Time spent running: 32 hours Longest run: 18 miles Average run: 8.3 miles Average time: 64 minutes Average pace: 7:42 min/mi Treadmill miles: 46 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 8 hours, 47 minutes 41.5 hours of fitness 1... Continue Reading →

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