IMG_1006Things are starting to settle down at the new house. After a crazy week last week with moving AND racing, this week was a little more normal in terms of life and training.

Monday: 10 miles, 80 minutes, AHR 140. Easy miles in the mid-morning between rainstorms. I took the day off work to get some more stuff organization (namely, our clothes, which were everywhere). Little bit of Jasyoga later to kickoff the Salty Running Extra Salt challenge.

Tuesday: 10 miles, 72 minutes, AHR 150. Speed work makes the dream work. 8x800m at 85% heart rate max with 200m jogs. Averaged 3:04, which was solid given the effort level and recovery (these weren’t supposed to be all-out 800s with actual adequate recovery). A couple of them were slow but the winds were gusting pretty good and the effort felt equal so not worrying about it. 25 minutes of Jasyoga (How to Kickstart Recovery and legs up the wall) plus foam rolling and lacrosse ball time.

Wednesday: 8 miles, 64 minutes, AHR 143. Easy recovery miles in the afternoon. Taught Pilates after, and then some foam rolling and lacrosse balling.

Thursday morning.

Thursday: 10 miles, 78 minutes, AHR 147. Treadmill before work. Intervals of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes hard with equal recovery. 10 minutes of Jasyoga immediately after. Taught Pilates Strength after work.

Friday: 6 miles, 47 minutes, AHR 141. Super relaxed, better than expected. New shoes! Friday’s extra salt was self-care — got my hair did and had wine and a cheese plate with my bestie.

Saturday: 20 miles, 2:37, AHR 145. My other bestie was in town and ran the first 9 with me, which was great. Pretty consistent pacing throughout. Two gels, three water stops. Walked a mile back to the house after because I overshot the last out portion and didn’t want to run any more. I actually sat down in the grass when I hit 20! Legs up after but a busy day ahead so that was it.

Sunday: 6 miles, 47 minutes, AHR 135. Went to a free Pilates class at our (new) Athleta store taught by another instructor at my gym. My bestie picked me up (and brought me coffee) and we went together. They gave us a discount after the class so I bought way too much stuff. And then I ran home! Considering how stiff and sore I was when I woke up, I was surprised by how easy the run was. Much faster than I expected. I was horrendously overdressed because when I got ready before Pilates, the forecast said it was going to stay around 26*. Nope.

Totals: 70 miles run, 3 hours 19 minutes of Pilates and Yoga (Extra Salt), 1.5 miles walked.