Weekly Recap 2/5/17

February shorts!

In case I’ve ever come across as a rational, smart runner … let me avail you of that notion. I’ve been dealing with a back injury and still ran 60 miles this week. Probably stupid. I know it was stupid because I didn’t tell coach about it, I just put it in my notes. Basically I was keeping it from him so he wouldn’t tell me not to run. Stupid.

Monday: 10 miles, 76 minutes, AHR 144. Perfect 40* weather and legs felt great. Did Jasyoga “How to Activate Your Glutes” after … my glutes don’t like to be active. This may be where my back issue began, considering I shot some photos for social media while doing the exercises and my lordosis is BAD. (That would be the big extension in my low back.)

Tuesday: 12 miles, 88 minutes, AHR 153. 6 miles of steady-state (half marathon pace ish) in the middle. Wasn’t feeling it but fought for it and ran well, averaging 6:44 and 164 HR for that section. My back felt stiff the entire time but didn’t hurt. Jasyoga hip strength/mobility and hamstring reset after. Back started hurting that night.

Wednesday: 6 miles, 49 minutes, AHR 136. Low and slow. Back did not feel good. Heating pad on it on my way to run. First mile was really stiff and slow but not uncommon for the first early morning mile after doing a workout the night before. Back completely wrecked at work all day. Taught Pilates that night and couldn’t even reach my toes. It was bad. Commence ibuprofen, biofreeze, more heating pad.

Thursday: 8 miles, 60 minutes, AHR 148. Treadmill session in the afternoon, 10x 1 min on/2 off. A tricky workout on the treadmill but I was trying to squeeze it in before teaching and I wanted an easy bail-out if my back got worse. But, seems like running and standing is better that sitting, and it didn’t bother me running. Taught Pilates after. Not great. Back to hurting.

Friday: 6 miles, 50 minutes, AHR 141. This was not good. This was stupid. Seems like the back needs some more warm up time. Rolling out of bed and running is always dumb, but especially dumb today. BUT massage that afternoon that seemed to help a lot.

More shorts!

Saturday: 12 miles, 89 minutes, AHR 144. Treadmill. It was in the 20s and windy, and I had speedwork sandwiched in my long run … and 12 miles isn’t very far on the ‘mill for me. I did a few things to warm up my back first and had zero issues with it while running. ZERO. Texted my massage therapist and was so happy. Jasyoga “How to Kickstart Recovery” after. Ran a bunch of errands and went to watch basketball later, and by the end my back hurt a lot. Shucks.

Sunday: 6 miles, 47 minutes, AHR 137. Low but not real slow. Went later, and back felt fine. Was totally cool till we ran around furniture shopping. Sitting is bad.

Totals: 60 miles, 2:20 of Pilates and Jasyoga, 1 really jacked back.

P.S. I have an appointment on Monday to get it looked at. I’m not an idiot.

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  1. Hooray for the very last part of the post to see that you’re getting your back looked at. I hope it turns out to be an easy fix. Also I kinda hope you told your coach before publishing this blog, this would be a weird way to find out one of your athletes was injured… ;).

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