Weekly Recaps 08/06/17 and 08/13/17

Okay, let’s just all agree that posting recaps every 2 weeks may just be how it goes for the next EIGHT WEEKS because that’s ALL THAT’S LEFT before Chicago. Holy. Crap. July 31-Aug. 6 The week before was a down week with a race, so it was back on the mileage grind this week. Monday:... Continue Reading →

Weekly recaps July 23 & 30

Sometimes I have to think less about running and just do the damn thing. So I haven’t been great about logging or reflecting or any of that. I did read Ronda Rousey’s “My Fight/Our Fight,” which was a good motivational read that was also quick and easy. Quick and dirty weekly recaps for now. My... Continue Reading →

Monthly Mileage | July 2017

I know I'm behind on training logs but I promise I've been running! Some highlights from July: Miles run: 259 miles Time spent running: 34 hours, 31 minutes Longest run: 16 miles Treadmill miles: 6 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 8 hours 43 hours, 17 minutes of fitness 2 races Weekly totals: 58 (June 26-July 2)... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 07/16/17

Good news, I didn’t write down ANYTHING in my physical log book this week. So that’s going well, haha. It was a really busy week; we had 50 people over on Saturday. Intention: "Build the beast." I didn’t write this down in my log, but I had it in my head. Coach Matt says it... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 07/09/17

Crazy ass week. So leading into this week I worked from home a half-day the previous Friday, and took vacation on Monday before the July 4th holiday. Hello, four-day weekend. (Also, if you had to work Monday, I’m sorry. That’s just stupid. Tuesday holidays should only be allowed if they come with a Monday holiday.)... Continue Reading →

Thriving in Heat

My coach, Matt Ebersole, posted a piece on his blog this week about making it through the hot summer months while working towards your fall racing goals. One of my favorite lines: Your watch may try to tell you that you are worthless and weak and you should take up a less strenuous hobby when... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 07/02/17

I was going to start writing this post on Sunday … but I didn’t. Man, it’s been a solid long weekend of not doing a whole freaking lot, minus the 14 bags of mulch I put down and all the bushes I trimmed. But alas, the weekend is drawing to a close and so I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recaps June 12-25

HAHAH I started working on my log last week and never finished it. Sorry about that! It was Father’s Day, as you might recall, and I took my dad out for breakfast and we took my father-in-law out for dinner. We didn’t get home until 9:30 and I had to be up at 5 a.m.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap June 11

I was going to write this recap on Sunday, but I decided instead to maximize the amount of not-doing-anything-productive I could for the weekend. It was glorious. Intention for the week: “Persist.” Persistence is like consistency, but a little more active. Consistency feels more passive to me. Persisting means not just getting up and logging... Continue Reading →

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