This weather is grossssss.

Good news, I didn’t write down ANYTHING in my physical log book this week. So that’s going well, haha. It was a really busy week; we had 50 people over on Saturday.

Intention: “Build the beast.” I didn’t write this down in my log, but I had it in my head. Coach Matt says it a lot, and it cropped up in his summer heat training blog post and was on my mind.

Monday: 7 miles in the morning from home, super humid.

Tuesday: 10 miles in the morning from home, super super humid. 3 mile progression run by HR, starting at half marathon/marathon effort and ending at 5k/10k. I didn’t really want to do this and procrastinated and considered doing it in the evening but I figured I’d want to do it even less then. So I finally started, like 45 minutes later than I should’ve. 3 mi w/u with strides then 7:05, 6:40, 6:29. Then 5 minutes easy followed by 30/60s. 77º/dew point 71. Cut all my hair off in the afternoon, because that’s what you do when the weather is being this way.

Wednesday: 6.25 easy from home in the morning. Better than expected and by that I mean slightly faster than Monday which isn’t usually the case. Massage after work then taught Pilates.

Thursday: 8.25 moderate plus strides, 7:28 average after the 2 slow old lady warmup miles. Taught Pilates after work. 79º at 6:30 a.m.

Friday: Easy 6 from home, little quicker. Party prep after work.


Saturday: 15.25 up-tempo, 7:38 average and average HR about 76%. Was supposed to do increasing effort every 4 miles but wasn’t clicking through the gear changes very well. However, it is easy to work harder and not go faster when it is also getting hotter. Started to bake in the last couple of miles. Party prep after and then 50 people at my house from 4-11 p.m.

Sunday: Um I slept in obviously, but only made it to 8 a.m. 7.25 miles easy even though the schedule said 5-6 or off because I like to finish the week with round numbers and I had 59 last week that made me a little twitchy. Actually better than expected.

Totals: 60 miles run, 105 minutes Pilates/Jasyoga. Morgan ran 5.45 miles!

Glow: Great LR and Tuesday speed.

Growth: Hydrate better.