Crazy ass week. So leading into this week I worked from home a half-day the previous Friday, and took vacation on Monday before the July 4th holiday. Hello, four-day weekend. (Also, if you had to work Monday, I’m sorry. That’s just stupid. Tuesday holidays should only be allowed if they come with a Monday holiday.)

Note: If you read this previously and the nicknames were weird … sorry! I also post recaps on and had left in the pseudonyms from that site.

Intention: TBH, totally didn’t set one this week. No reason, just didn’t.

Monday: Easy 4 mile shakeout run, first mile with Morgan. No idea what I did all day but I bet it was awesome. I worked in the yard over the weekend but not Monday since I was racing Tuesday. Foam rolling and legs up later in the day.

Tuesday: UGHHHHH FML why do I sign up for races?!?!? Woke up at 4:45 a.m. to drive to Lexington for the Bluegrass 10,000. The opportunity to see Rochelle is the only reason I drove 80 minutes in the dark and rain. 3 mile warm up, also in the rain, which fortunately stopped and turned straight into a million percent humidity just in time for the gun to go off. 72º, dewpoint 69, 91% humidity. My time goal was ambitious considering the weather and I should’ve backed off a little more in the beginning. Also forgot how hilly the course is. Passed a lot of girls in the first 5 miles but then got passed by 2 in the last mile. Grumpy face.

Here’s the thing about races: even bad races are good training. Sure, I like to run fast and race hard. But I have to remember that I am closing in on Chicago and my taper for this race by reducing Monday’s run by 2 miles following my highest mileage week since the miniMarathon. It’s not an excuse, but it is reality, even when I’m disappointed. And when I’m being honest with myself and not whining, my HR average was about 89% of max and maxed at 93% (probably right about where this photo was taken). I had slow miles at 3 and 5 on the uphills but recovered in between, my last mile was my second-fastest, and my last bit was 5:57 pace per Garmin. Officially 40:40 for 8th female (out of 1,319). Pesto was 4th at the turnaround and finished STRONG to win the whole damn thing. 3 mile cool down with Pesto, which included 2 miles to my car then driving it closer to the finish/awards and running another mile. It was back to pouring rain again but it let up a little and we had beers at 9:30 a.m. from street vendors because when you’ve been up for four hours already, it’s basically lunchtime so who cares. Drive 80 minutes back home. Nap.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy recovery, first 1.1 with Morgan. Swampy weather, very slow. Taught Pilates after work.

Thursday: 8 miles with 10x 30/60s (30 seconds hard, 60 seconds easy). Still a little stiff but mostly just hot and humid. We hit the magic mark Thursday of air temperature and dew point equalization, and if you live somewhere where the dew point matters, you know that means it was completely miserable. Morgan joined for the first .65 and last .25. Taught Pilates after work.

Friday: 6 miles with my pal Chelsea from the gym. I took Morgan out for a longer walk plus a half-mile run beforehand. C and I headed to Muncie, Ind., for the half-Ironman there around 1 p.m. so yeah, another long car ride. 3 hours there, last bit in a crazy thunderstorm that shut down athlete check-in for the rest of the day.

He wears his bib on his butt so they won’t take photos of him.

Saturday: Up at 3:30 a.m. (OMFG) for C’s half-IM. See, because athlete check-in got cancelled about the exact time we got there, we had to be there EXTRA EARLY to get him checked in and set up. And it was a wetsuit-legal swim, so we had a bonus piece of gear. (Because that’s what every triathlon needs — more gear.) Also the entire place was a giant mud pit following the storms. Ugh.

We get C checked in, then his bike, then bring over his other stuff for transition. Ready to go an hour before the start, so we basically sat on the reservoir’s “beach” for a while. Stuff him in his wetsuit. Take his sandals. Wave bye, see ya in 5ish hours!

I watch his wave start, then walk back to the car to drop off his bag. I run 2.5 miles and then come back for T1. He has a great swim, but forgot his sunglasses for the bike. Uh oh. I run to the car, find them, then start running to the bike course (as per my plan anyway). I don’t have to wait too long before he comes by, on the way out on the first loop. I yell I have his sunglasses … then have to wait until he hits the turnaround and comes back (about 8 miles) to find out if he wants them. Turns out he doesn’t. Okie dokie. I hit the Cardinal Greenway rail-to-trail, hit another spot on the bike course, run along the course then back on the run course towards transition. I don’t see him again on the bike, but I do get to cheer for the first runners on the run course (they start in age group waves, so first on the run course doesn’t mean first place, crazy triathlons). The run is H.I.L.L.Y. I make it back to transition with a few minutes to spare, cheer, hand off sunglasses. But because the run is an out and back and there’s a lake in the middle of it, I can’t catch him on the run. Instead I jog another mile out on the run course, make friends, run back. Long run finally finished! I pay $2 for “beach” entry which gets me a shower and is the best $2 I’ve spent in a long time. First, ice bath in the reservoir (water temp 76º, not very icy.) Last year I didn’t have time to shower before he finished and I ended up waiting in a long line with a bunch of race finishers who all needed/deserved the shower more than me. This time I had it all to myself! I even charged my phone while showering … probably some sort of hazard, but I’m not the person who put the outlets there sooooooo …

Drop off my bag o’ stuff at the car and grab his, head to the finish. He was hoping to be 5 hours but my math was saying he’d be more like 5:15-5:20. Nevertheless, I’m there just before 5 hours.

At 5:20 on the dot, he’s done! Hooray! Yay C!

Then he proceeded to lay on the ground for 15 minutes and not move. I actually lost him for 5 minutes between the finish line and where he laid down — he got out of the exit area really fast and disappeared.

Eventually he showered and we got all his stuff and loaded up and drove 3 hours home.

Sunday: 6 miles easy, long run day for Morgan, 1.67 miles! We dog parked, too, and she slept hard for like 3 hours. I was going to do some yoga and didn’t.

Totals: 59 miles run (all the odds and ends added up to a full mile, and yes, had I realized it, I would’ve run an extra Sunday), 2 Pilates classes taught, not enough of anything else. Morgan logged 5.32 miles.

Glow: Worked hard during the race regardless of time.

Growth: More foam rolling. More yoga.