Race Report: Anthem 5k 2019

It’s always fun to line up for the Louisville Triple Crown series — a 5k, 10k and 10 miler each two weeks apart. While we have lots of races throughout the year, the Triple Crown is when everybody turns up. It’s a big reunion! This weekend was the Anthem 5k and I was feeling good... Continue Reading →

Race Report: Harrod’s Creek Trail Bash 10k

When I decided to forego trying to muscle my way through a fall marathon, part of the decision was that I was way more excited about a couple of upcoming trail races than I was a road marathon. To be honest, that’s nothing new — I love trail races. And when I thought back on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 12/10/17

Week two of my new job and I’m getting back in the early morning groove. Monday: 6 miles before work, in the dark, with Morgan for the first mile. I ran hard Saturday and lifted Sunday, and got my mileage back to 50, so this run basically sucked. 8:15 pace, 141 AHR. Tuesday: 8 miles... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 11/26/17

This was my last week off work before I start my new job. It’s been nice having some downtime but I’m excited about my new position and ready to get started! I am not, however, looking forward to running in the dark basically every day. My running was a little mixed up this week since... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 07/09/17

Crazy ass week. So leading into this week I worked from home a half-day the previous Friday, and took vacation on Monday before the July 4th holiday. Hello, four-day weekend. (Also, if you had to work Monday, I’m sorry. That’s just stupid. Tuesday holidays should only be allowed if they come with a Monday holiday.)... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recaps June 12-25

HAHAH I started working on my log last week and never finished it. Sorry about that! It was Father’s Day, as you might recall, and I took my dad out for breakfast and we took my father-in-law out for dinner. We didn’t get home until 9:30 and I had to be up at 5 a.m.... Continue Reading →

Planting Seeds for Spring

After a great year of racing in 2016 that culminated with one of those mana-from-heaven type races at Monumental, I was left thinking, “What next?” I knew — and coach knew — that I needed some downtime mentally and physically before making any decisions. It had been a big year of training with a lot... Continue Reading →

Race Announcements!

I'm excited for my fall lineup and wanted to share! On Sept. 17, I'll be racing the Indy Women's Half Marathon. I ran this race in 2014, which they still held it in June, and had a great time (well, my time itself was just okay, but the experience was great).   Goals: Top 10... Continue Reading →

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