This was my last week off work before I start my new job. It’s been nice having some downtime but I’m excited about my new position and ready to get started! I am not, however, looking forward to running in the dark basically every day.

My running was a little mixed up this week since I ran a trail race on Sunday and then a Turkey Trot 5k on Thursday.

Monday: Easy 4 miles on the treadmill, 33 min, 145 AHR. Strength circuit after (hence treadmill; less clothing to change/wash). Definitely feeling the trail race from the day before.

Tuesday: Jasyoga (feet and calf resets), then easy run, then Jasyoga again in the evening (full body reset). 6 miles, 47 min, 142 AHR. Perfect weather outside.

Wednesday: 4 miles easy in the morning, 32 min, 143 AHR. Morgan ran the first 1k with me. Taught Pilates in the evening.

No turkeys for winning. Just a plastic plaque with a dancing cartoon turkey.

Thursday: Anchorage (Ky.) Turkey Trot 5k. 1.67 mile warm-up, which included sprinting to my car to get my bib 3 minutes before the start. Rookie. It was around 30 degrees and I decided to go for it and wear shorts and a tank. I did the warmup wearing pants, a thermal long sleeve and a jacket, so I was actually really warm before I took everything off and was happy to be in a tank and shorts … and mittens. This is a small race and I won the women’s division for the fourth-consecutive year in basically the exact time I always run. Also, in the four years I’ve run it my Garmin has recorded 3.18 three times and 3.14 once. 2.5 mile cool down solo and then with friends who ran the 10k.

Friday: 4.65 miles easy, 37 min, 141 AHR. I had to round off the 7.35 miles total run on Thursday. This felt harder than the numbers reflect.

Saturday: 12 miles, 96 min, 143 AHR. Longest run not attached to a race since the week before Chicago. I basically raced the past three weekends, so those have been my longer runs this month. It was kinda weird to just go out and jog 12 miles, haha. Morgan ran the first 1k. It was pretty windy and my legs were still tired from Thursday, but I got it done. Jasyoga Quick Long Run Reset after.

Sunday: 4 miles easy, 32 min, 138 AHR. Easy jog with RR. Then strength circuit for 38 min. Probably more Jasyoga today.

Totals: 42 miles run, 93 min Pilates/Jasyoga, 74 min strength.