Red treadmill face.

Holy crap, working is hard! Whew. But, a solid mileage week even with starting my new job and adjusting to different hours.

Monday: 6 miles at 6 p.m. after work. Should’ve gone in the morning, didn’t. 48 min/144 AHR.

Tuesday: 5 miles at 6 p.m. after work. Should’ve gone in the morning, didn’t. Morgan first mile and the first 4 with Mr. Chic. Family fun day. Should’ve been speedwork but I just couldn’t. Too dark. Too tired. 41 min/147 AHR.

Wednesday: 8 miles before work on the treadmill with 4 miles at 7 min pace. Making up for missing Tuesday’s workout. 60 min/161 AHR. Treadmill means I can see what I’m doing, I don’t have to stop, and nobody tries to run me over. Taught Pilates after work.

Thursday: 5 miles before work, 42-ish minutes (I forgot to stop it at one point so it’s probably a minute off), 141 AHR. Taught Pilates after work. I moved the hill workout scheduled for this day to being part of Saturday’s long run. Morgan first .70.

Training buddy.

Friday: 6 miles easy, 47 min/147 AHR. Before work! Finding a groove. Morgan first mile.

Saturday: 14 miles with 2×10 minute hills, 1:50:33/150 AHR (WEIRD), 666’ elevation gain (WEIRD). Suckered a friend into going with me. Solid run.

Sunday: 6 miles easy with same friend, 48 min/136 AHR. Great weather all week. Lifted after.

Totals: 50 miles run, 145 minutes Pilates and strength training.