Sharing this post from my coach, Matt Ebersole — he wrote it back in July and while we’re getting some races back, it still feels like regular racing is far away.

I’ve got some thoughts on what this year of minimal racing has meant for me physically and mentally — more on that soon, I promise.

Since March all of us have wondered, “What’s the point?”  While this question applies to many areas of life, I’ll keep it to running.  As each week rolls by the newest cancellations make further mockery of your 2020 race plans.  These were set out before your vocabulary changed and wearing a mask in public became viewed as socially responsible.  Since the surprise cancellation of the Tokyo Marathon, we have transitioned to only being surprised if a race is actually run.  While uncertainty hangs in the air, what is the point?  Why should you train for a race To Be Determined?  That is a very good question.

Matt Ebersole

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