I’m excited for my fall lineup and wanted to share!

That’s me (#16), towards the left, purple top and green shorts, in 2014. Far left (#5) is my now-teammate Lucie!

On Sept. 17, I’ll be racing the Indy Women’s Half Marathon. I ran this race in 2014, which they still held it in June, and had a great time (well, my time itself was just okay, but the experience was great).


Goals: Top 10 (cash prizes!) and 1:26-1:27, plus test gear and nutrition for marathon.

logoAnd then I’ve mentioned that I’m headed back to the Monumental Marathon again this year which will be the key race for the season.

Steve Born, endurance fueling expert at Hammer Nutrition, was quick to answer my recent email asking for fueling advice. (Not just a sponsored athlete perk — they’ll assist anyone with figuring out the best fueling strategy!)

I’ll be sticking with Hammer Gels as my main calorie intake. I had asked about Perpetuem, another great Hammer fuel, but Steve said for the intensity and high-impact of racing a marathon, he’d recommend gels. I’ll start with one before the race, along with two Endurolyte capsules.

On the course, his recommendation is for a gel every 45 minutes. I’ll have some combination of raspberry, Montana Huckleberry, and/or vanilla.

Steve also suggested some supplements I am going to try: Hammer’s new Fully Charged pre-workout fuel, Race Caps Supreme and Race Day Boost.

Oh, and train hard. So, so hard. Just 10 weeks to go!

Goals: Maybe let’s revisit that one after we see how Indy Women’s goes, m-kay?

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