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Weekly Recap Oct. 9

Bypassing my usual Sunday “Bagel and Blog” session in favor of writing this at home while watching the Chicago Marathon and drinking out of my award mug from yesterday’s race! On Monday, my… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 9/18 + TWO race reports!

What a week! Not one but TWO races, and I’m happy with them both. I started off the week with an easy 8 on Monday afternoon that I was able to squeeze in… Continue reading

Weekly Recap 9/11

My body definitely feels like I put in a lot of miles this week but it seems kid of surreal at the same time. Like, how did that just happen? I hit 76.5… Continue reading

Race Announcements!

I’m excited for my fall lineup and wanted to share! On Sept. 17, I’ll be racing the Indy Women’s Half Marathon. I ran this race in 2014, which they still held it in… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 14

We’re now 12 weeks out from the Monumental Marathon, which is normally when I start training. Except I’m starting this cycle with a 70 mile week and my second 20 miler. When I PR’d… Continue reading

Ready to Be Monumental!

I am excited to share I’m officially headed back to the Monumental Marathon for the fourth year! Fast course, good weather, great organization! In 2013, it was my third marathon back after a… Continue reading

What does a 3:10 look like?

I ran nearly identical marathon times five (and a half) years apart, with a 3:10:18 this year and a 3:10:11 in 2010. The times were so similar that I was curious to compare… Continue reading

Week Recap – Recovery Week 1/5 weeks to Otter Creek

Well, I am definitely having the best marathon bounce-back of my running career. I feel awesome. I’ve been trying to decide what I think that means. Here’s what I’ve come up with so… Continue reading

Race Review: Monumental Marathon

Yesterday I posted a pretty detailed race report focused on how my race went, but I wanted to share a review of the race itself for anyone who might be considering adding the Monumental… Continue reading

Race Report: Monumental Marathon 2015

She believed she could, so she did.” I fibbed a little when talking about my race goals. I believed in my heart of hearts (I said that to Chris and he asked how… Continue reading