Weekly Recap 07/02/17

Legs up with a friend.

I was going to start writing this post on Sunday … but I didn’t. Man, it’s been a solid long weekend of not doing a whole freaking lot, minus the 14 bags of mulch I put down and all the bushes I trimmed. But alas, the weekend is drawing to a close and so I feel like I should probably write this training log before the next week is halfway over.

Intention for the week: Just be, and be content, but not satisfied.

Monday: Easy 8 from home, 55º, aka heaven. Legs tired but HR really low, first .80 with Morgan.

Tuesday: Went on a 2.25 mile walk with Morgan in the morning with .55 of running for her. Afternoon was 10 miles total, ladder workout of 2×400, 2×800, 2×400, 4×200. 80º, windy, on the roads. Okay workout.

Wednesday: Walk with Morgan in the morning, running off day for her. 6 miles easy from the gym after work — slow, sore, tired, hot. Taught Pilates after.

Thursday: Morning run, 8 miles total. First .65 with Morgan then 3×10 minutes of ups and downs with 5 minutes of flats between. Not a lot of gain but easy loop from home and really that’s what I had time for. Grabbed Morgan for the last .35 so she got a miles total on the day. Taught Pilates after work.

Friday: 6 easy from home in the morning; Morgan did the first .65. Worked from home in the afternoon which was amazing. Broke my Garmin FR35 watchband after 6 months.

Saturday: 14 miles with negative split halves (8:04/7:50) and a Garmin held together with a ponytail holder. Felt good, warm and humid, but smooth and controlled. Started with a 1 mile walk with Morgan, then she ran the first 1.3 mi with me before getting dropped off. Jasyoga’s “Quick Post-LR Reset” after to kick off Jasyoga July.

Sunday: Easy 6, felt good. First mile with Morgan. Legs up and foam rolling later.

Totals: 58 miles run, lots of walking, 2 Pilates classes taught, 20 minutes Jasyoga. 5.3 miles for Morgan!

Glow: Good long run and good mileage.

Growth: More foam rolling!

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  1. I love watching how you’re getting Morgan in running shape, too! There were no Morgan total miles this week (I mean, I could count them myself, but still…) 🙂

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